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Topic: GPO & Vista 64-Bit Compatibility (?)

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    GPO & Vista 64-Bit Compatibility (?)

    Hey everybody,

    I am seriously considering purchasing GPO, but am hesitating because my system runs Vista 64-bit. Is the software compatible with the OS? I will be heartbroken (lol) if I buy it and it does not run.

    I am able to run Finale 2009 with GPO Finale Edition, but I need to know about the actual GPO software (the full version).

    Anthony W.

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    Re: GPO & Vista 64-Bit Compatibility (?)

    By the way, I apologize if this topic has already been discussed previously. I haven't searched much through the forum. I figured I'd post it now so I could get an answer ASAP... the sale (GPO for $99) ends on the 21st :P

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    Re: GPO & Vista 64-Bit Compatibility (?)

    Thank you so much for your quick reply! I really appreciate it!

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