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Topic: Pop type stuff again

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    Pop type stuff again

    Hi all,
    Just a sort of pop tune with a retro feel. Has GPO strings and brass. Ther is a link to a downloadable mp3 on this page:

    The piano and cello thing on the link page is not GPO BTW. Sorry. Blushes.

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    Re: Pop type stuff again

    Hi, I listened to "Does A Bird" on the Temple Cloud page. The pizz strings sounded pretty good. I thought the singer had a nice voice but was later kind of buried in the mix somewhat, would have liked to hear the vocal a bit more.
    Nice job on this. Good luck with your endeavor! John

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    Re: Pop type stuff again

    Hi, Temple Cloud

    I just listened to "Does A Bird," and had a good listen with it. I guess that's the song you wanted us to hear?---you don't mention the title in your post, and at first I thought the first page we're taken to with the instrumental is what you were posting. A direct link and title would be useful next time.

    Yes, the vocal starts getting buried just a bit past the 1/2 way mark. Part of it is the singing style, where the sustained notes are pulled way back by the singer. It's a matter of more compression and/or riding those gains - There are competing frequencies adding to the issue, but besides some tricky EQ work, riding the gain could make it work.

    I feel that even though you want the strings to be in a simple pop vein, a bit more development from chord to chord would amp up the musicality.

    Fun stuff though - Thanks for posting it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Pop type stuff again

    With others, the vocals could use a little gain in the latter
    portions -- but the material itself I liked a great deal...
    solid popular writing.

    My probably hyper-developed sense of harmonic adventure
    would enjoy hearing somewhat more inventive chordal
    and baseline work -- but that may be contrary to what
    the genre expects... lol.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Pop type stuff again

    It sounds like a good tune but I also think it needs some work for a real solid pop sound.

    I would maybe fatten up the strings for a sweeter sound and the vocal sound has technical issues.

    I wish you luck on this.



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