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Topic: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

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    Re: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

    OMG, that is so funny.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

    Hi Randy (and Welcome back!)
    I just watched the video, good one. Man, I couldn't begin to spit out all those words so fast like that singer.
    I enjoyed reading your blog from Russia and especially liked your recent folk tune arrangement. Nice work on that!
    Have a great Christmas and best of luck with your endeavors, John

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    Re: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

    Hey, John "Bigears"--Thanks much for your post. Glad you've been enjoying the blog. I have more video on the trip that I'll be putting up on the blog as time goes on. Then I'll be back in Moscow in several months to work with the group some more as they prepare for their opening of "Dorian."

    Meanwhile---this "Mom's Song" video. What a hoot!--very clever. Glad you enjoyed.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

    lol, that is very good, but theres something i dont get. Thats in a church?! Looked to me very much like a performance. It says it was a "perfect segue into Dr. Hunters sermon on Mothers Nature" - so why did everyone stand up and applaud like it was the last night of the proms?! What was the people's attention on? what was the focus?

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    Re: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

    hehe, Ben. Well, modern churches can be Very not what we may have gotten used to growing up.

    Besides the nice looking auditorium, whoever put that vid together for the web sure did a fancy job too. I'd say that congregation seems to be doing well.

    Talented congregation too - assuming the woman is a member there and not a guest. Just rough enough around the performance edges to make me think she must be a talented amateur. Great idea, and she realliy pulls it off!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Mom's Song"--You Tube

    rbowser, Im only 23 and active in the RC church. I attend quite a few major Catholic events, particularly those aimed at youth, where there is fantastic music provided by many extremely talented musicians and groups...but it never feels like a 'performance' as this one seems to be. It just amazes me, thats all...

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