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Topic: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

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    Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Here's an original piece I wrote that will be premiered next week. It was intended to be a fanfare but somewhere along the way it decided to be (what sound to me like) a toccata instead. Still a little rough but thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy.

    Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    Straight from Finale 2009 - a combo of GPO and GCMB brass. Lots of reverb (will be played in a huge marble foyer).

    - David

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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    This should go over gangbusters! I think the reverb really works on this, great mix and staging of the instruments. Thanks for sharing this, you got this just right! John

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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    Hi David...

    I think you were correct in your first label.... the piece sounds/feels more like a Fanfare to me, not a Toccata (which emphasizes virtuosity in technique and ability).

    I like this piece. It has a nice regal feel to it. Makes one sit up and take attention.

    I like to the short excerpt from a popular Christmas song in there too. It's a cannon of some sort. Can't recall the title offhand. We've heard the song used on a few Christmas commercials though for sure.

    Well done David, i'm sure this will go over well. And i too think the reverb used creates a nice effect.

    Thanks for the listen.

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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    Well done, David. Really helps capture the spirit of the season for me. Thanks for posting it and a Merry Christmas to you.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    Thanks very much for the kind comments. I have made a few tweaks and added more specific dynamics in some places... I'll let you know how it goes at rehearsal tomorrow. Hopefully it will be an easy read even though it's a little technical - I'll only get about 10 minutes of rehearsal time!


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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    Very well done, David -- I thoroughly enjoyed this...
    several times, in fact.. lol!

    Congratulations on a (well deserved) premier! This
    will be wonderful, live.

    Always the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    David, this is a superb piece of writing for brass - and I think it will be stunning in a live performance. (It would also sound very effective on the organ - but that's another matter!) Good luck with the performance. I thoroughly enjoyed this.



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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    This was really nicely realized. Heavy on the reverb or not. (I actually thought it added to it nicely)

    good writing too. This would be a treat to play.
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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)

    This is a pretty classy seasonal piece. I have always loved seasonal brass music and this one really keeps your attention.

    I think the brass always benefit from an extra helping of reverb.

    I wish I could be there to hear it performed.


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    Re: Toccata on "Carol of the Bells" (brass choir)


    This is superbly done. All in FINALE you say? I would love to hear the live version as well. This is a nicely crafted piece built on one of my favorite carols. It did not sound like a typical remake of Carol of the Bells instead it showed a fresh and genuinely refreshing view of the piece. My hat is off to you and I hope it is well received live as well!

    Congratulations on a stunning piece.

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