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Topic: GPO Lite - Getting An Insanely Good Sounding Quartet

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    GPO Lite - Getting An Insanely Good Sounding Quartet

    If you want your strings to be expressive, and your Celli to have that whine then you just back them by a synth that has portamento.

    Expressiveness sonically is based upon the relation from one note to another. Strings bend between notes.

    Here's a sample:


    Youtube Tutorial:


    Example For Violin:

    Solo Violin
    Violin 1 Sus
    A Synth with Legato Portamento

    Another Combinator You Could Try:
    Solo Violin with Legato Portamento
    Solo Violin 2
    Violin 1 Sus

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    Re: GPO Lite - Getting An Insanely Good Sounding Quartet

    Very nice, Mark - Watched your You Tube vid where you were talking very softly to not disturb your roommates.

    Sparing use of Portamento is indeed a necessary spice when working with virtual strings. That's why it's part of the Garritan sound arsenal. No need to layer in a synth, the samples will already slide.

    I will admit it's not Easy to tame Port, but it's worth the effort, usually best done in a Daw's Piano Roll MIDI editing window.

    Thanks for the post!

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO Lite - Getting An Insanely Good Sounding Quartet

    Thanks rbowser-,

    With GPO Lite, however, for Reason 3 or 4 I do not think there is any kind of portamento built in.

    I think that typically Garritan Orchestral Samples will have you holding down your MIDI pedal so that you can get a kind of legato effect from one note to the next?

    I actually find that backing with a suttle synth can create some pretty great results sonically, though I have heard East Wests ''glide'' effect and find it can have a tendency to lack sonically for example so I don't know whether or not it would be better to go with the libraries portamento. Of course I don't know.... The best strings I've heard would have to be Viennas Strings as they have portamento performances. (sliding samples or something is it?)

    It's been a frustrating and very demanding trip for me to find sonically that expression within Chamber String Quartets, but I think I have come close when I focus more on combining synths with samples and focusing more on expression than realism (as trying to copy another sound sonically).

    One library that I would love to see Gary Garritan release is a Chamber Strings library.

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