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Topic: DP, Intel and EWQL RA

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    DP, Intel and EWQL RA

    So I've just finished installing DP and everything else on the new Intel Mac (10.5.5), and I noticed that EWQL RA doesn't show up as a plugin anymore. I knew that was an issue. Also, and mention of the product has been removed from the EW site, so there's not much info that I can find there, it's almost as if it never existed... Has anyone been able to run RA via the AIC bus, and if so how? I can get RA to run as a standalone, but haven't been able to get MIDI info to trigger it. I get the MIDI playback loop error when I try to record on the IAC bus in DP. I know they are probably planning a PLAY update, but I would think that if I can get it to play as a standalone, which it does, I should be able to get MIDI info to it as well.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: DP, Intel and EWQL RA

    HI Tim,
    Based on many posts I've read on the Forum as well as info for EW, no you cannot use Kontakt 2 with your new machine. You need to buy and use Kontakt 3.....it will then handle those older plug-ins just fine. Kontakt based RA and other legacy EW products are no longer available, and can't be sold legally. There will though, be new PLAY versions of RA and Symphonic Choirs and they are due for release 'sometime in 2009' (RA might be out perhaps by NAMM?). So, in brief, it's not the plug-ins, it's the compatability between Kontakt 2 and your machine that is repsonsible. You might also note that EW and NI are no longer is association with each other, but apparently NI will still support (re) authorizations of the affected plug-ins for the present time.......................playz
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