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Topic: Yellow Tools Independance 2

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    Yellow Tools Independance 2


    After a few weeks telling myself to not try the Independance Free since I don't need it, I did and I have actually been blown away by the quality and playability of the patches, effects and tools included. I was wondering if anybody got the Basic or Pro version and if the quality of the patches is consistent accross the whole 12 or 70GB. Also, anybody knows from which Kirk Hunter library(Symphonic or Concert) the symphonic samples are coming from?


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    Re: Yellow Tools Independance 2


    still with Indy one and Culture and also have some of their sample libs. - If you are already impressed with the free version you will most likely love the full version. It includes Culture, Majestic and Candy - which are about 30 gig of really finest samples.

    According to some users of Indy 2 the Kirk Hunter part is still the same as with version 1 - so it is only a basic set. YT once said when we ask on their forum for a full version to keep waiting - which could mean anything though.

    A bit of a negative point about YT is that their communication could be better from time to time and that their development cycles may seem long. Quality takes time.

    maybe that helps a little bit.


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