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Topic: Need help with the string sections

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    Need help with the string sections

    I'm new to orchestration and need help with this.

    I'm not composing anything, just transcribing an orchestra from a game.

    I can't tell the difference between violin 2 and viola. I don't know who to assign the passages to. Violin 1, cello, and bass were easy to identify. Secondly if I'm hearing it correctly, either the violin 2 or the viola section is playing a 3rd interval diad chord while the other is playing some other notes.

    Secondly, is it possible to divide a section? I get the feeling it doesn't sound good since the sound signature drastically changes due to the fact that you're lowering the number of instruments for that note(s). Plus you can't play chords when bowing. But I am hearing a diad chord which is

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    Re: Need help with the string sections


    divisi is a common technique. Have a look at the Orchestration Course. I seem to recall divisi and its restrictions is explained in one of the first chapters.

    Have fun.

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    Re: Need help with the string sections

    Additionally if you are listening with good monitors you can locate where the group is seating. In most cases violas are placed relatively centered but a little shifted to the right. Second violins are either middle left or on the right side.
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    Re: Need help with the string sections

    Also, every now and again composers will ask a section to play double-stops instead of divisi if it is only required for a couple of notes.

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    Re: Need help with the string sections

    If you want to find the violas, follow the horns.
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