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Topic: Expression pedal Response

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    Expression pedal Response

    I use a Roland EV-5 expression pedal, and i find that i have to push it

    quite a ways forward before it moves from 0 as a controller value

    (probably 1/3 of the way). Once i reach that point, it responds evenly

    from 0 to 127. But it's kinda frustrating that it does not respond

    immediately upon pushing it forward. I contacted tech support and they

    told me this is normal, and is due to some "play" in the potentiometer. I

    was wondering if anyone had any experience with these (or other) pedals,

    and whether this is indeed normal behavior. Thanks.

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    Re: Expression pedal Response

    First off, the pedal has a very short 'throw', so there isn't a lot of motion available compared to a full-size pedal like the EV-10. But if you have a zero-function range before it responds, it sounds like you have the wiper on the pedal set incorrectly. Use it to adjust the maximum resistance so the pedal acts continuously.

    If this doesn't work, the impedance mismatch is too great, use a different pedal.
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