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Topic: What Child is This?

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    What Child is This?

    Okay, I've been workig on rendering pieces... you know, to get better at it. I'm still a beginner, but I'm improving. So here's my Christmas offering.

    This arrangement of "What Child is This?" is by Don Carroll. You can find him online at:

    I rendered it using GPO, RealGuitar, and a few synths from Cubase. Hope you like it.

    What Child is This?

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    Re: What Child is This?

    Nicely rendered HongKongCV. If you want rendering comments than the only one I have to make is that I feel the bell parts playing the melody are a little too deep in the mix. Bring them forward a bit more. Of course I am listening with old ears and may not be hearing all that is there.

    Very nice piece though, I will have to check out the original of this and his other music. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Re: What Child is This?

    A good job on this arrangement. The mix is fine.

    I think the bass line is pretty important on this tune.


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    Re: What Child is This?

    Hello, Hong Kong

    I was especially interested in listening, because this tune is the one I arranged and produced for the current Garritan Christmas CD - using its original pre-Christian name, "Greensleeves."

    I see - You're finding arrangements online, and then realizing them with soft synths. Really good way to do some studying and learning.

    The strings aren't varying in their volume dynamics very much, lending them a more synth sound than they would if you really played the mod wheel (volume in GPO) and also used the Garritan Legato feature.

    Ah--At the end, with zero reverb tail, I realized that you've used no or very little reverb ambience in the recording--You need to start adding that important ingredient for more advanced sounding results.

    I couldn't hear Real Guitar in there--? That library can produce very authentic Acoustic Guitar emulations - you have it listed?--Couldn't hear it.

    Pleasant sound, synthy and light. I'm glad I dropped by!

    Randy B.

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    Re: What Child is This?

    I'm glad you guys liked this one, as I thought the arrangement was super. And then I played around with the voices to max it out. So maybe I'm improving my skillset a bit...

    Randy, my wife actually has a recording she made of Greensleeves on her last album. We created the music VERY early in our GPO learning curve, and I would do things much different now. (grin) Live and learn. It's just a great song. As to the strings, I haven't yet figured out quite how to use the mod wheel from inside Cubase... just one more thing I'm working on. As to the synthy sound, I thought that it actually blended in well with the rest of the synthy sounds that gave this piece it's character. As to reverb, I usually go light on reverb, because to me it sounds too glaring. Is that something I should ditch real fast?

    Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad you guys liked it.

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