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Topic: Looking For Comparison Of Akai EWIUSB and Yamaha WX-5

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    Looking For Comparison Of Akai EWIUSB and Yamaha WX-5

    I know the Akai EWIUSB is fairly new, but do any WX-5 users have an opinion of it? I am thinking of purchasing a wind controller in the near future, and had narrowed the choice down to the WX-5 ... then I heard about the EWIUSB.

    From reading reviews and manuals, each instrument has pros and cons for the way I plan to use it. But they both sound like nice tools, and either one would probably suit my needs.

    I'm just looking for a little extra feedback from some who has used them and can help me make my choice.
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    Re: Looking For Comparison Of Akai EWIUSB and Yamaha WX-5

    I wrote a much longer response . . . which suddenly vanished before I coul sign off. This time, brief and to the point. I've got a WX5, and I love it. However, I tried a friend's EWI-USB and immediately put it on my "wish list." It played much more easily than the EWI4000, and felt lighter and more naturally fitted than the WX5. Besides, it comes with ARIA NOW!!! I didn't get to play with ARIA much, but noticed that there was for less tweaking to do to the recorded pieces than with the WX5. Just a little input. Hope it helps. Joe

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    Re: Looking For Comparison Of Akai EWIUSB and Yamaha WX-5

    I have an ancient WX-7, but there are a couple of email lists for windcontrollers, and the EWI USB and ARIA software have been an active topic, as you can probably imagine. Technically, the biggest difference is that the WX5 output MIDI via a MIDI cable, which means you can control modules directly. The EWI USB outputs via USB, so you'll always need a computer to provide the power and interface (at least until some enterprising individual devices a different box). If you're primarily interested in software synths and sounds, then the EWI USB might be ideal for you. Certainly the price is tempting -- really tempting. I'm looking at it myself, even though I don't really do that much musically other than amuse myself.

    There are some very interesting demos on YouTube - Bernie Kennerson does a two-part demo of the ARIA sounds that's really good.

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