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Topic: Vir2 Mojo... sounds pretty good!

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    Vir2 Mojo... sounds pretty good!

    Last I heard of this was a thread from almost 11 months ago! And back then I think the talk was a Q1 2008 release?! Is the fact that it's now scheduled for Feb 2009 a good thing, or a bad thing?!?!


    The big band demos sound pretty good, though, if you ask me, which you didn't, but I'll say it anyway, so there...

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    Re: Vir2 Mojo... sounds pretty good!

    These are as nice as any demos I've heard. They actually don't have that 'DX-7' sound. I'm interested. I already 'get' that I could work with this. And Kontakt scripts? Wunderbra.

    Actually, the real question (for -me- anyway) is... when the heck is Wallander gonna get round to doing a 'jazz' lib?


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