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Topic: The Road To Forever Never More

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    The Road To Forever Never More

    Here is what I have been working on http://www.box.net/shared/81zcnh5r90 instead of shoveling snow. Now all I have to do is find a lead guitar player.

    Synth and organ tracks - Yamaha So8

    Bass guitar - Fender P bass

    Drums - mix and matched - I recorded different hits on all the drums and cymbals at another recording studio 3 years ago and put them in one hit at a time.

    Orchestra- - GPO
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Senior Member bigears's Avatar
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    Re: The Road To Forever Never More

    Sure beats scooping snow anyday......
    Hippie, this reminds me of a big Phil Spector type sound, but you have achieved it with only three instruments instead of a thousand. I can hear some soaring guitar lines in this, give old Carlos Santana a call maybe.......
    I enjoyed your big, full sound on this. Stay away from that shovel and
    Merry Christmas. John

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    Re: The Road To Forever Never More

    Thanks for the listen and comment John.

    I am an old fan of Spector's Wall Of Sound just in case you couldn't tell. LOL I love using the orchestra to back up the rock n roll...it sends a tingle up my leg.

    I love GPO.

    I'm still looking for a guitar player to do a lead on this one and a few others I have done. I hope I find one soon because I ain't gettin any younger.

    Have a Merry Christmas John.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: The Road To Forever Never More

    You've definitely go the Phil Spector touch going
    in this, Hippie... very large sound.

    Somewhere around the forum, I know we've got
    a couple of guys who are powerful lead players;
    but at the moment, the names aren't coming
    to mind. Maybe stick a post over in General
    Discussion for a lead player...

    Merry Christmas!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: The Road To Forever Never More

    Whats the chord sequence, what style axe work do you want? Heavy, soft, do you have a lead sheet to work to?
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: The Road To Forever Never More

    I'd say it's more like the Pink Floyd big sound.

    Get David Gilmour!

    That sort of style at least.

    Cool stuff!


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    Cool Re: The Road To Forever Never More

    Hi Hippie,

    Nice ambience in the introduction!

    Reminded me of the sound in *Nights in white satin* with the Moody Blues in 1968.

    Thanks for sharing!


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