hi, I have had various problems with ivory over the last few days. I installed everything and downloaded updates from the website etc but when i use Ivory as a vst in cubase sx 3 it sounds crackly and doesnt play smoothly. Also, it sometime comes up with an error message saying that it has caused a serious problem and tell me to close and reopen cubase.
The second problem is, since i tried to use the standalone mode (to see if the problem was with cubase or not) i can no longer access any keysets from the ivory interface. When i click on the keysets it just opens a 'Keysets browser' dialogue box and says 'no keysets'. In the same folder that the standalone icon is (programme files, synthogy, ivory) there is a text file called 'library path' which says 'F: ivory items' which is where all the samples are so i dont see why it cant load keysets? ive never had anything on the presets menu either which is wierd.
Any help would be much appreciated!