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Topic: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

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    Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    If anyone is considering a big string library purchase I can say this library sounded AMAZING at the NAMM show. It might be worth it to hold off a month or so to wait for its release. I heard Hans Zimmer and Jeff Rona both came by the booth and were very impressed with the quality.
    My impression was that the strings had some more air around them than what I heard of the Garritan (maybe mic\'d a little further away) and the attacks seemed a little faster and more usable than my experience with both the Garritan and Mirslav.


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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    Drat! I was at NAMM and didn\'t stop by their booth. Of course I probably missed more than I saw, since I was only there for one day.

    I see you\'re a sound designer from Boston (nice area, except for the drivers). Being so close to Sonic Implants (Arlington, MA, which is only a hop, skip and jump away from Boston), do you beta test their libraries?


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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    There is some info about the strings up on their site now as well.
    It looks like the same articulations that are on GOS except I don\'t see any marcato.
    Curious as to what they sound like.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    I hope SonicImplant will:
    a) check this forum
    b) make separate intruments or discs available.
    The PDF file sure looks promising!

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    A word for the GOS : Upgrades !!!

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    Yah definitely upgrages oh and.. Maestro Tools

    Abou trelease triggers, There is some work trying them with The Grand Detache loop/updates. Should sound pretty good. Also Gary\'s been fooling around with the idea of Adding Release triggers to the library as an update from the very start, but there are other ideas that might take its place.

    I, like Haydn, am not a fan of Release triggers, but for a different reason. They eat up even more Poly, and you dont ALWAYS want them on a note....but there are ways around this that no developer has done yet for some reason.

    I have to admit tho I\'m curious about the library. If I wasn\'t on Gary\'s Beta Team I Would ask Jennifer to be on her\'s, if she has one. SO I guess I\'ve found something that isn\'t so nice about being a liibrary beta tester! I\'ve talked with her before on other issues on and off for a few years, and she is a very knowledgable person. I have no doubt that these strings are going to sound great. I wish I knew it was at the booth I would have dropped by.

    I\'m curious about the expressivo samples.

    A word about Hans Zimmer and Rona, I\'ve also heard that people with Access to Hans Zimmer\'s Samples like GOS much better.

    Anyhow, I do think I\'m done with ensemble strings so far. Solo strings next. Of course I could be wrong I do tend to get that \"man I want those\" when I hear good samples and SI\'s samples could do that

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    A word about Hans Zimmer and Rona, I\'ve also heard that people with Access to Hans Zimmer\'s Samples like GOS much better.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hey King, I thought nobody had access to those samples except MediaVentures?

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    Actually I\'m in NYC now. I\'ve never Beta tested for them but they did some original soundfont design for a multimedia company I worked for in Andover, MA. Great people! I think their library will be a contender for sure.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM

    Hey StudioJ,

    How did the violins sound in the high register from the SI strings? Someone told me they thought they sounded synthy.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings at NAMM


    Well I dont doubt that there are other people with access to the MV samples, but yes its mostly those guys who do. Still there are people with access to them form being engineers or sound designers or otheer people who work on MV scores. Its not just tthe composers who get to hear them or use them

    Anyhow, I\'m really interested in hearing the expressivo strings, but I think my next choice is solo strings, Dan Dean sold me on the vibrato/expressive thing with his solo string over ensemble some time ago Tho...more short bows is always a plus....

    From everyone I\'ve talked to that listened to the SI stuff, they\'ve said that its got a great sound. Still I\'m actually happy I didn\'t hear them at the show to a point. EVERYTHING sounded like garbage to me at the show.... jsut because it was so FREAKING LOUD with all the people tlaking and walking around. Donnie was showing me LOP and I could barely hear a thing with the headphones cranked, he must\'ve thought I was deaf! I\'m awaiting the demos they had to go up online, as well as Gary\'s new demos.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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