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Topic: David Pogue: "It’s a free CD of absolutely gorgeous Christmas music."

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    David Pogue: "It’s a free CD of absolutely gorgeous Christmas music."

    From David Pogue's Blog on The New York Times website: 'Tis the Season for Free Stuff
    I have indeed tried out today’s second giveaway, though. It’s a free CD of absolutely gorgeous Christmas music.

    Each year, Garritan, maker of orchestral sound samples for digital music software, company invites its customers to do cool recordings of holiday music on their computers and submit their best to the Community Christmas Album project. Each recording sounds like it was made with a big orchestra in a recording studio, but in fact was created by a single person on a desktop or laptop. And the arrangements, as always, are just delightful. (There’s even album art and CD art if you want to go whole-hog.) Download, burn, and enjoy.
    There is also an article on Lifehacker, too!

    Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on the articles!
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: David Pogue: "It’s a free CD of absolutely gorgeous Christmas music."

    Thanks for the links, CJ -

    Very nice that Pogue gave the CD such a great plug. Bet the downloads increase after people read that!

    The Lifehacker link has a nice spread on the album also, and it's one of those sites where apparently uncensored replies can be left by readers. Amazing that here at Christmas time, in response to this gift of free music which represents hundreds of man hours in the production - that it's important to some people that they stop to leave nasty comments, Grinch like, and apparently writing with some amount of wicked glee.

    Whew!---Like a guy who says the album makes him "sad"--because even though he acknowledges that the Garritan libraries are helpful to composers during their writing process, that he doesn't want to have to listen to the results. He wants only "real" musicians to make recordings. Not surprisingly, his user name indicates he's a musician, an acoustic guitar player.

    Someone else singled out "Greensleeves" as the only realistic sounding track on the album. Well, I'm glad they enjoyed what I did with the song, but I think the main reason that person found the track especially realistic is because I featured The Strad, The Gofriller, and The Steinway - the top-of-the-line and most complexly sampled of the Garritan instruments.

    Here's yet another site where the CD is reviewed, very positively - I found it through the links already posted:


    For the most part, very positive promotion of the community effort. Very nice to see the music getting spread around!

    Randy B.

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