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Topic: Moving to Intel Mac..a couple of questions

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    Moving to Intel Mac..a couple of questions

    My PPC Dual 2.5 G5 is giving up the ghost it seems and I may have to buy a new Mac Pro. I am looking ar a 2.8 Quad w/8 gigs of RAM. (BTW, is $2100 a good price?) I use Logic. I will have to sell my 2 UAD-1's and get a UAD-2 and trash my firewire/USB PCIx card for a PCIe so it's a bit of a chore to do this switch.

    So....I have a couple of questions. What do I do about Trilogy? I have used it in every song I have ever written/produced and I don't really have any other bass libraries-nor can I afford to buy 3 or 4 libraries to replace Trilogy.

    I am a singer/songwriter and I am simply producing my own demos, however I use a lot of VI's and plug ins on my projects. (Pop/R&B - Pop/Rock) So, I need the bass sounds. Will the wrapper be okay for my purposes? I don't mind a little hassle to keep what I'm used to.

    Next question. I was told that in a few months, the new Mac Pros will be smokin' compared to the one available now - due to the "i7 core" or something like that and the fact that they will be using much faster RAM, and other architecture changes. Should I tough it out for 2 or 3 months and get the newer ones, or is it not as big a deal as I was led to believe?

    I appreciate any insight to this move to Intel.

    Happy Ho Ho!

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    Re: Moving to Intel Mac..a couple of questions

    I would wait on the computer until at least after Macworld announcements.

    The Trilogy wrapper should work well on mac Pros, but check the performance recommendations here first:


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    Re: Moving to Intel Mac..a couple of questions

    To make it easier for you to work on your old songs on your new intel mac i would recommend that you render the Trilogy tracks to audio and save the songs in that state as long as you still have the PPC mac.


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    Re: Moving to Intel Mac..a couple of questions

    Thanks Eric, that was what I was wondering about. Just seemed like bad timing.

    Thanks Hans,

    Yes, I had already thought of that. It's the NEW tunes I haven't finished (or started, that I am most concerned about)

    I'm going to try replacing all the harddrives to see if it helps the performance on the PPC. Hoping that will get me through.

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