I received Kip\'s Imperial Bosendorfer today, here are my first impressions :
I really like this new library by Kip, it is quite bright and is the first grand piano library that i can actually play fast blues piano with, i sort of made my own piano shootout with piano libraries i have access to which are Steinway B by EW, Wizoo \"The Grand\" and Kip\'s Bosendorfer and i must say it really has a character of it\'s own, i tried EW\'s Bosendorfer and i must honestly say i didn\'t like it, this one i like and is very usable for pop, blues. This library and \"The Grand\" give you the impression you\'re sitting in front of the actual piano, the EW Steinway B has more character but sounds like a well recorded session of a Steinway you don\'t have the impression of sitting in front of it, playing it, of course this is just my humble opinion.
The sampling quality in the library is like always pristine, i have yet to try it in a mix but by the sound of it i\'m pretty sure it will sit pretty well in mixes, a very worthy addition to the growing list of top quality
multi-sampled grand piano libraries.

Good job Kip !
Keep up the good work,
Vintaudio Prod. www.vintaudio.com