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Topic: Sibelus Playback soundset - Sans GPO!

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    Sibelus Playback soundset - Sans GPO!

    Good evening,

    This is probably - read, hopefully - a simple question to answer for all Sibelius users here, so here goes (and apologies if it has already been answered, but I did search before posting... honest!).

    I have the Sibelius 5 demo, and now have enough pennies to buy the full version (until now I've been getting all this to work with Sibelius Student Edition, via Midi Yoke). I've been trying to find out how to set up Sibelius 5 with GPO, without the need for Midi Yoke; in other words, doing everything in Sibelius without using GPO as a standalone application in Kontact 2. Unfortunately, the tutorials for this are outdated and want me to load GPO studio, which must be part of an older release of the library. I did some research, and as far as I can tell, for Sibelius 5, I need to select GPO in the Sound Set drop-down box under Play > Playback Devices > Manual Soundsets. I most certainly would have done this, had GPO been listed in the box. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't.

    I think this may be something silly and resultant of my inexperience - perhaps I need to paste a plugin into the plugins folder, but I'm really not sure. If someone could help me here I'd be very appreciative indeed. In fact I couldn't be happier unless it was christmas...oh!

    Thanks for your time, and to all, a very merry christmas indeed.


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    Re: Sibelus Playback soundset - Sans GPO!

    The Demo doesn't come with the Kontakt player, so if you're on Windows, you have to copy the plugin to the Sibelius Plugin folder which is loacted at C:\Program Files\Sibelius Software\VSTPlugins.

    You can find the plugin at C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\VSTPlugins\KontaktPlayer2.dll

    Next, you don't use a Manual soundset. Under Play > Playback Devices, select kontakplayer2 the left pane and click Activate. it will appear in the right pane. Here you select the GPO soundset.

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    Re: Sibelus Playback soundset - Sans GPO!

    Get it, Tom? You don't first insert GPO--it needs to be nestled in an audio engine. That's Kontakt. So in the full Sib 5, that's what you get - Kontakt--select either the Sound Essentials which includes the basic GPO instruments, or the full GPO.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sibelus Playback soundset - Sans GPO!

    How do i build an ensemble in GPO. i just got it today and i dont know how to do it and the manual isnt helping. i have sibelius 5. and im kinda disapointed in the sound... what should i do?

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    Re: Sibelus Playback soundset - Sans GPO!

    Excellent! That's working now, thanks very much.

    This has been quite a learning curve for me, what with all the technology and clever things.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas all!


    P.S. Titanic, I posted a little advice I found in your thread.

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