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Topic: Kontakt Player 2 Tutorial

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    Kontakt Player 2 Tutorial

    I am very new to music software.

    Is there a Kontakt Player 2 tutorial out there? I couldn't find any on Google.

    Also, for some reason, every time I click on a key on the keyboard in Kontakt Player 2, both the piano sound and the loaded instrument sound will be played. Why is that? How can I change the keyboard setting so that only the loaded instrument sound will be played?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Happy holidays!

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    Re: Kontakt Player 2 Tutorial

    Well, if you don't have a piano loaded, it's because you send MIDI note data to your soundcard's softsynth. Click File menu | Audio / MIDI setup | MIDI and toggle all Output Interfaces to "off".

    If you do have a piano loaded you'll hear it together with any other instrument assigned to the same MIDI channel. If the piano is assigned to MIDI ch. "omni", any other instrument you play, regardles of its MIDI ch., will also trigger the piano.

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