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Topic: Hard Drive Performance for Omni

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    Hard Drive Performance for Omni

    Just bought Omnisphere but have a relic of a computer - a P4 2.4 with 2g of Ram running Cubase 4.1.
    Even though I can only get limited use-ablity in a session with a lot of plugs going on, I don't mind freezing etc. until I get a more powerful machine.
    My question concerns my external hard drive which is where the Omni core is installed.
    The drive is a 120G firewire 400. Certainly not the greatest for something as demanding as Omnisphere. When I load any patch that is more than a couple of hundred meg I can see the drive working it's butt off and very often the sound will just cut out. This is all expected considering my below specs system. When I get my new machine I now realise that this FW drive will not cut it, even if I was running a Quad.
    I have second machine that I use for my samples (Kontakt for EWQLSO, Gigastudio for a variety of other libs) and can load 25 to 35 instruments and have no problems. That machine is a P4 2.8 2G ram using a second internal 200G sata drive.
    Is there that big a difference between tha internal sata and the FW?
    What is the best cost effective drive to get and what drives are you guys using with Omni?

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    Re: Hard Drive Performance for Omni

    I'm using a bus powered iomega 250gig firewire portable drive for Omi. It seems to work great even thought its only 5400rpm. I have a pretty up to date laptop, Macbook Pro 2.66 Intel quad core - and the cpu maxes out before the drive does (if I try to load too many patches into a multi). Having said that, I rarely run into a situation where I actually want to use more patches in a multi than the cpu can handle.

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