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Topic: Taiko vs. VSL

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    Taiko vs. VSL

    For some reason Taiko from NVA keeps popping to the top of my mental 'to buy' list, but, with the credit crunch hitting hard, I thought I'd be a bit more cautious than has previously been the case.

    I already have VSL percussion (standard and extended) which contain Taikos, done with the typical VSL thoroughness. ANd, given that VSL is often the core of my music, the fact that their Taikos are recorded in the same space as their other samples is something of an advantage.

    Clearly 'Taiko' is a much bigger library than the VSL Taikos, but I'm wondering if I will actually get anything new (more velocity layers? more articulations?) or whether most of the size is down to its mulitple mic positions - from which I would probably only use the close mic.

    Can anyone who owns both shed some light, and comment on whether they manage to use Taiko with the VSL orchestra?

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    Re: Taiko vs. VSL

    Until now I still have Tsaiko (the predecessor - but pretty much the same package I think) as well as VSL Perc.

    Tsaiko/Taiko has 4 Taikos (four different sizes) and 7-8 velocity layers. And no, it is not sampled with the same detail as other VSL parts .... (probably as it is not a normal orchestra instrument)

    Taiko has much more velocity layers, there are also shouts and stuff like that. Still articulations are limited which is a shame.

    Taiko is definitely a great library and worth getting it.

    I do not know how the new BFD Taiko extension is - maybe that would be interesting, too - but of course financially much more intensive.

    The closed mic'ed Taiko taikos are pretty dry and can be intergrate used with other sample libraries - as long as you do not want to use those questionable reverbed percussion that is within VSL Percussion library (after raving for years how important and great dry samples are I really wonder why they decided to vaste space on that)

    hope that helps


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    Re: Taiko vs. VSL

    Thanks Steff3 - I was unaware that the VSL Taiko was skimpy. I guess I have little idea of what Taikos can actually do, so they seemed ok. (I also haven't figured out how to tell how many velocity layers there are in VSL stuff, now it's all locked into VSi).

    Anyhow, I took your word for it that I'll enjoy Taiko, and ordered it - now I just need them to call me to do Spiderman 4....

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    Re: Taiko vs. VSL

    Quote Originally Posted by Pingu View Post
    ........I also haven't figured out how to tell how many velocity layers there are in VSL stuff, now it's all locked into VSi).
    That's easy; either read the information in the VI GUI or read the manual. ;>)


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