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Topic: Up/Dn stereo image differences

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    Up/Dn stereo image differences

    Hi Maestros,

    Several Up/Down programs have different positions in the stereo image for the Up and Down samples.

    For example, check 1st V Sul Tasto mp UpDn Alt 88, one of the G notes.

    These stereo differences apply to some notes, not all. If you play such notes alternating, the entire group of players seems to magically move by a few meters!

    Another example:
    2nd Vln Spiccato UpDn ALT 88, lower G note.

    Examples can also be found in other Alt programs.

    I am little bit surprised by this. It sounds as if some notes have been recorded with different microphone positions (or with different player locations).

    Is this something that might easily be repaired, e.g. with articulation files or updates? I am not yet familiar with this kind of \"batch\" repairing. My GOS is from End Dec.

    Another remark: the Up samples of lower C, C# and D in this same 2 Vlns Spiccato UpDn Alt 88 program have less high frequencies than the rest of the surrounding samples, which suggests to me that they have been derived from a single bad sample. Can individual samples be updated as well?



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    Re: Up/Dn stereo image differences

    Sorry! Wrong list...

    I just re-posted in the GOS list.

    Please post any reply here:

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