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Topic: no sounds

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    no sounds


    We recently purchased the Garriton Jazz Band software and found that when we load the steinway grand, everything is fine. The bass and guitars also sound. However, when we try the saxes, woodwinds or brass, there is no sound. The CPU index (towards the left of the interface) shows that there is CPU processing taking place but the volume meters to the right do not rise at all.

    With the other sounds that do sound, the CPU index does work and the volume meters also rise (color green) to the right normally.

    Can there be a problem with sound card compatibility? We do have the latest ASIO drivers and the other sounds seem to work fine. We have been searching the Internet for answers and updates but no one seems to have a clue.

    We did download the Jazz & Big Band update, however, this did not work either.

    Please help.

    Very interested in purchasing the Orchestra. The lessons are great.

    D in orlando, fl

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    Re: no sounds

    Hi D,

    For the Wind instruments, you'll need to move the modwheel on your keyboard to get them to sound, or change the ModWhl parameter in the Kp2 Window to show a value other than 0.

    The wind instruments use the modwheel (a continuous controller) to control volume. This lets you vary the volume over sustained notes.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: no sounds

    Greetings Reegs:

    We tried your suggestion using the modwheel and it works great.

    How awesome.

    I should have known! It figures that the MW be a triggering device. Since we are dealing with wind instruments, common sense says that the MW be used to control the texture and dynamics of the brass sections and other wind instruments as well. Oh well, missed that one!@

    We can also emulate crescendos and decrescendos just like you mentioned in your reply. This is so On!

    How kool.

    Thanks so much Reegs for your help. We will get back to you as situations arise.


    D in Orlando, FL

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