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Topic: A Wonderful New Wiki Post

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    Reegs was kind enough to post a Garritan Wiki all about MIDI (It should be called a Riki in this case). This is an incredibly in depth and easy to understand posting that will not only help people who are new to the arena but some of us seasoned veterans.

    It is filled with information on terms that we throw around a lot in this forum, but some might not understand them - CC's, Piano Roll, Aftertouch, etc. So if you're new to MIDI and writing music via a computer then you should really check it out, because understanding MIDI is really the first step.

    Here is the link: MIDI - Garritan Wiki (a Riki)

    I'm also proposing that we make a thread where people can annouce new Wikis that they added to the Garritan Wiki. This way we will all benefit from the knowledge people in the forum have and take the time to share. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea then go ahead and start a thread.

    MIDI on at your own risk...
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    Re: A Wonderful New Wiki Post

    The Garritan Wiki was started with the intent for letting the users write the articles. It is quite amazing to see the wiki working as planned with Reegs creating a great article and a great addition to this knowledge-base. This only leaves me wondering what other additions may be added onto the wiki at this point.

    Right now, I'm going over just doing some formatting updates, moving pages to some more logical positions, and just making some corrections and it is obvious that there is a ton of information missing. For those who want to contribute to the wiki, no matter how small the contribution, please check either of the following pages:

    Stub Listing - Pages that desparately need content
    Wanted Pages - Pages that we are missing but are needed

    I'm also for creating a thread for people to can show their contributions/articles. The wiki has been growing slowly and is in need of information, especially in the Steinway section.

    Thank you Reegs for your contribution! I hope you don't mind if I fixed a few things in the article to get it connected to other articles much more easily.
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