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Topic: conversion control changes

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    conversion control changes

    Hi everybody!
    I use the Garritan JABB with Sonar 6 , I'd like to know how can I convert a control change in another one in a midi file,for exemple if I'd need to change in a midi track all expression controls (cc11) in modulation (cc1). Does exist a way to change all them in a command or I have to change them one to one in a event list?
    Thank you,

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    Re: conversion control changes

    I once had the same problem until someone (I don't remember who) kindly told me what Process | Interpolate ... is for. Select the track(s) and/or measures you want the conversion to affect, select Process | Interpolate ..., specify the CC# you want to convert from, along with its range, channels etc., and click OK. In the next dialog you specify which CC# to convert to, click OK and you are done.

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    Smile Re: conversion control changes

    Thank you very much for your reply, you're tip is very helpful!!!
    I've another question about the convertion of events... how can I convert a control change to aftertouch? Is this possible?
    I've tryed to do that with the "interpolate" command but in the second dialog window the others events (note, chanaft, Wheel...) are not active...

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    Re: conversion control changes

    I'm afraid I don't know any fancy way to achieve a conversion from controller to Aftertouch. Sorry.

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    Re: conversion control changes

    I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.
    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the warm/scary welcome,I'm really looking forward to talk about anything and everything horror related.

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