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Topic: Tones of classical symphonies

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    Tones of classical symphonies

    I had read somewhere that, if you are using Bb min tone for 1.part of the symphony, than 2.part should be Bb maj...

    Is there any explanation for this rule or does it ever exist..

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    Re: Tones of classical symphonies

    If there was a rule, it was just that the key of the second movement should be closely related to the first. Actually, if the key of the first movement is B flat minor, it would be just as likely for the second movement to be in D flat major as B flat major.
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    Re: Tones of classical symphonies

    Yes there is a rule about that...Since the symphony has a sonata form, wich have 3 main parts: 1. exposition 2. development and 3. recapitulation
    ...exposition starts with the first part and with a main key [eg. C-major] the second part of exposition usually is written in a dominant or parallel key [for C-major it is G-major or c-minor]
    ...development also has a two parts, ina first there is dominant key+modulations, and the second part usually is written ina main key.
    ...ina recapitulation, wich also has 2 parts, both parts (themes) from exposition here are ina main key.

    there is a lot about music form on wikipedia

    here is da link of sonata form http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonata_form

    and...if da main key is minor, then usually are used dominant minor or parallel major

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    Re: Tones of classical symphonies

    When talking about music, specifics are crucial, since the word "part" doesn't say anything specific about which part (it could be a movement, a development, a theme, a recapitulation...). Therefore, there are hundreds of answers to your question.

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