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Topic: Sequencer for Orchestral music

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    Sequencer for Orchestral music

    I'm an amateur composer who uses mainly strings or orchestra. I use Sibelius 5 and Kontakt Player 2 on a PC.
    I was wondering if anyone could give advice on a sequencer program that is good for use with orchestral music.

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    Re: Sequencer for Orchestral music

    Cubase has a number of advanced tempo features that may come in very useful. As far as MIDI is concerned, it is the top of the pile. the audio handling is also very good, although arguably not as good as ProTools.


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    Re: Sequencer for Orchestral music

    Thanks D, i'll keep your advice in mind

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    Re: Sequencer for Orchestral music

    Hey. I've done quite a bit of sequencing of Broadway orchestral stuff, like West Side Story, Sondheim shows, as well as standard Broadway big band kind of stuff -- and I've used Logic Express for it - and I've always had good success with it. I have a feeling that many programs are good at it, but for me - it's the patience and time it takes to really keep going deeper into the program to MAKE it sound better....my engineer brain is under developed. Good luck.

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