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Topic: JABB update

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    JABB update

    Hi all,

    Just received JABB for Christmas (Yayy!) and after installing it, downloaded the JABBUpdate_1. However after replacing the Instruments and Multis as shown in the PDF, Kontakt 2 won't play the update sounds. Message says something to the affect of "Can't play these sounds". I could see the Place Holder folder in KP2 after updating which wasn't in the original installation.

    So I replaced the update with the original Instruments and Multis folders and all is fine. Do I need this update, or have I already got it? Is there a way of finding out? Why didn't the update work? Do I have too many questions ......???

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: JABB update

    The currently shipping DVD has the latest version. That update is *OLD* and was for the KP1 player which is why it doesn't work.

    Any updates for KP2 would be available from NI directly and not on the Garritan site.

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    Re: JABB update

    Hi Craig,

    I had half suspected that may have been the case.

    Thanks for your reply.



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