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Topic: JABB Newbie Completely confused

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    Question JABB Newbie Completely confused

    Hi all!
    I could not be more confused with this lovely new piece of software. I'm not even sure where to begin asking questions, but I'll start here. I'm using JABB in Pro Tools LE (Mac) and I'm trying to build horn section similar to the one heard on James Taylor's "New Moon Shine" record. I've got the software loaded, and plugged in as an RTAS, I can trigger via MIDI with my Oxygen 8 controller. Where do I go from here? Do I use Multis, or single horns? I've tried both, but I can't seem to trigger any instruments other than the first one loaded. I don't understand the concept of the multi channels in Kontact, or the Aux channels. I've tried reading the manual, but it may as well be in Greek. If anyone knows what they are doing with this software, I'd love to talk to you!

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    Re: JABB Newbie Completely confused

    Howdy! Welcome to JABB and the forum.

    I don't have much time now to answer your questions. If I can't do it, perhaps someone more knowledgable will stop by.

    #1 - Multis are just collections of single instruments, so there really shouldn't be a difference between loading a multi and loading several instruments.

    #2 - There are two kinds of channels in Kontkt Player: audio channels and MIDI channels.

    I suspect that your problem is caused by either (a) some instruments are set up to receive MIDI on a channel that has no MIDI data on it; or (b) some instruments are receiving MIDI data, but the resulting audio is being sent to a channel that is not set up for output.

    If the volume meters for an instrument are not lighting up at all, it is probably the MIDI issue. If they are lighting (indicating that sound is being made) but you can't hear it, it is probably the audio channel issue.

    Is your keyboard sending only on a single MIDI channel? If so, that might be the problem. Each instrument can be set to receive any one of the MIDI channels, so play with it until you get it working. Note: You can set all of the instruments to receive the same MIDI channel, so that every instrument responds to the same input, but by doing it that way, you are missing out on the ability to have each instrument play different notes. It's best if you can send MIDI on different channels. Most people use some kind of sequencing software to record each MIDI channel separately and then play them back simultaneously so that each instrument gets a different set of notes etc. to make the performance sound realistic.

    Make sure you read the JABB manual (I know you said you did, but try, try, again to understand it). There lots of practical gems in there that will help you get things working and sounding realistic.

    Search this forum (and perhaps the Garritan wiki and other internet sites) for help with Kontakt Player. There are lots of threads about it. Some my prescribe a solution for your exact problem. Even if they don't, you might pick up on some neat tricks that you wouldn't have found otherwise. make sure to check the JABB forum and the "Tips, Techniques, and Tutorials" forum on this site.

    Good luck! Sorry my answer is short on details. I'll check back later when I have more time, and try to provide more help if you need it.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: JABB Newbie Completely confused

    I'll try to further confuse you with the best of intentions, of course.

    When using JABB, you can load up to 16 different solo instruments per instance of JABB. Each of those intruments should be set to and triggered on a different MIDI channel. Be sure PT is sending each part on the proper MIDI channel and be sure that you have the proper corresponding channel assignments in JABB.

    Additionally, you have to get the audio from JABB routed back into and through PT. Depending on how you have JABB set up (stereo outs, 8 outs, or 16 outs) you'll have to set up PT to handle that. I'm not a PT user so I can't give you specifics on that. Maybe someone else here is. Maybe there are other PT users in your area? A trip to your local electronic music store, if you have one, could be helpful.

    "Stereo outs" is the simplest, of course. It mixes all the instruments into a single stereo mix. 8 and 16 outs give you more ways to route the sounds back into PT. You'd use the other option is you wanted more audio control over the various instruments. For example, you might want the drums split out separately so you can use some compression on them that you wouldn't want used on the saxophones or piano.

    All these sounds should now be audible in PT where you can edit notes, balance volumes, add additional MIDI controllers, add reverb and EQ, and finally render to an AIFF file.

    Really, what could be simpler? (Just kidding) It's a lot to wrap your head around initially, but keep working on it and keep asking questions and eventually the light will come on.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: JABB Newbie Completely confused

    The 2 previous posts did list a lot of useful information. The only thing I would add and it maybe minor or the root of the problem. Garritan sampler sounds are a bit different than most other samplers in that the volume in NOT controlled mainly by the CC#7 information. More important to getting volume and the sound from each instrument is to set CC#1 (the Mod Wheel) to a value say 96 to start with. This way the sound will be triggered in the kontakt player. Crescendos and decrescendos are controlled also by the mod wheel and you can get some realistic dynamic contrasts by using the mod wheel during performance of a players part.

    If that is not the problem than I am not sure from what you have said in your statements as to what the problem may be. This is usually the biggest mistake or misunderstanding for new Garritan library users.

    Hope I have helped... Good luck!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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