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Topic: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

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    Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    I've been redoing some of my songs from my Get Up! CD, and here's the next song I've just completed revamping. For each tune I've been trying to get the audio to sound more 'wet', and add a natural sounding drum track via a midi drum set, and each audio track is given automations for increased dynamics. Jesus, My Joy is a latin piece of mine done in a moderate tempo and features 3 solos (trombone, alto sax and trumpet). A little over 5 minutes in length. Includes many JABB instruments. Instrumentation is 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 3 saxes (alto, tenor, bari), piano, bass, drums, and guitar. Mostly JABB instruments with other libraries too.


    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Good stuff!
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Senior Member bigears's Avatar
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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Hi, This really has a good feel to it. I like the happy sound. A great rendering really gives this a "live" perspective. The trombone sounded great. but I thought the sax could have been a bit louder in the mix, kind of got buried in the other brass. I'd like to hear some more! John

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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    A nice jazz number.

    It was laid back and fun to listen to.

    It did sound pretty real.


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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your taking the time to listen.

    Hippie - Thanks!

    John - Thanks and here's another tune you can listen to at this link

    Phil - Thanks and for me, half the fun is trying to make it sound real!

    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Hi, Rich,

    How are you?

    Good job!

    I also listened to your Get Up! demo. "Reach Out and Touch" is a song we used to like to sing when I was younger. Thank you for bringing back the memory.

    Yours was the only version of "Reach" I could find on Amazon.com .

    Keep up the good work, Brother!

    May the Lord bless you,

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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Hi OP, and thanks for listening. Doing fine here but a little down from a sinus situation with the weather changing back and forth as of late from cold to warm. Always great to meet a brother.

    Because Reach Out And Touch was a commercial tune I thought it would be a good one to include on the CD. Unfortunately I didn't fully understand the commerical licensing and as I understand it now they're only good for a year and mine our up for renwals soon. I got three commercial tunes on my first CD. I decided to do away with all the commerical tunes on my second CD and just use my own tunes. These 'revamps' I'm doing from the first CD are to be part of the second CD.

    I honestly don't know how other artists can afford the licensing of commercial music on their CDs. $45 for the app fee (per song), $45 for CD, $45 for Downloading (depending how many); that's an annual fee I just can't keep up with. I paid something like $700 for just 3 tunes last year. I like a lot of the commercial music out there but I can't afford it as a hobby.


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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Hi there, Rich

    NICE to hear JABB being so nimbly and ably used. Really excellent work on this. Your CD audience is in for a treat.

    Oh yeah man - superb, natural touches to all the instruments throughout the track. I'd say you are getting The Most from the library. This is one of those tracks which can serve as an instructional inspiration to other users.

    Interesting info about the licensing fees you paid for the commercial tunes. It does add up. Actually, the fees were less than I expected - I've never tried to license other people's compositions before, so I wasn't sure.

    Actually--I did make one inquiry last year when I arranged a string quartet version of the Beatles' song, "Drive My Car," and posted the results here in The Listening Room. OH man--the company in Nashville that controls arrangement rights on the Beatles catalog wanted hundreds in advance of me making a score available. Nipped that idea right in the bud.

    One note - the ending of your track here took me by surprise. I thought I'd accidentally stopped the player - seemed mid-phrase. It was probably a matter of me wanting to hear at least a slight ritard for the finish.

    Excellent work, thanks for posting it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Thanks Randy, much appreciate your listening!

    I learned from it that the licensing issue is a real killer for using commercial music on indies. It not only has to be renewed each year but if you didn't use up all the licenses paid for, they become loss leaders. So I would have to renew my licenses paying the app and license fees all over again this year, the $700 figure. Someone's getting rich off of my cd, but it isn't me!

    The tune does end a bit abruptly. My only defense is, it's a long song. My future son-in-law thought it would be a good ending for the tune when I couldn't think of one. I kept coming up blank and put it up for suggestion. I think it works but it is abrupt.

    There's a couple of libraries in use besides JABB (which makes up most of the instruments). Libraries other than JABB that I use are CH and on this CD, I believe I used the Gigastudio Piano.

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    Thumbs up Re: Jesus, My Joy by Living Waters Jazz

    Thanks Rich,

    This was a pleasure to listen to. Perfect after having eaten a good meal! Superb brass!

    Thanks for sharing!


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