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Topic: Heroes ~ 2008

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    Heroes ~ 2008

    I didn't write this one but I co-produced, engineered and played on it.

    Here are the credits:

    Heroes- C P 1992-2009 Steve Vaile International ASCAP & Robert Patrick Davidson BMI. Words & Music by Steve Vaile & Robert Patrick Davidson. Produced by Steve Vaile & Aram 'Hippie' Cartozian. Mixed and mastered by Aram 'Hippie' Cartozian, 21st Century Remastering. Steve Vaile International Rock Philharmonic players: Steve Vaile- lead vocals, piano. Aram 'Hippie' Cartozian- bass guitar, drums, organ, synthesizers, orchestra. Burke Harris- backup vocals. Ronn Chick- electric guitar, backup vocals. Lisa Storey- backup vocals. Janie Schaeffer- backup vocals.

    Steve and I have been working on this CD for over 2 years. All the songs were on CDs he released in the 90s except one that we released a few yaears ago, (I wanted to make it bigger so I added it to the project).

    I remixed all 7 songs and dumped the tracks in the songs that didn't work for my ears and added new tracks in their place....like new drums, bass guitar synth, organ and .........orchestra using GPO of course. The orchestra tracks that were done using NI got the big Hippie flush.

    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Heroes ~ 2008

    Hey now! This one gets the house shakin' from the very first note (literally).
    I'm starting to sense a style to your mixes. BIG, and dense, and powerful.
    I would have liked to hear the vocal just a bit more, and also the guitar work near the end. All in all, a great job on this one! Keep them coming, Hippie.
    Thanks for sharing, John

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    Re: Heroes ~ 2008

    That was a good one.

    I couldn't catch all the words but that's not unusual for the genre.

    I like the big sound.


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    Re: Heroes ~ 2008

    Nice song!

    It's neat to hear the GPO well used within this genre of music. I like my rock as well as my classical music!

    To my very modest ears, the vocals and some of the guitar playing do get kind of lost within the lush sounds of the orchestra. If this is intentional, then so be it. Could the orchestral sound be pulled back a little bit into the mix to allow the vocals and guitar shine through more??

    This is great music, hippie! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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