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Topic: Demo of KH Solo Strings, anyone?

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    Demo of KH Solo Strings, anyone?

    I have the old KH solo strings library. I think it was actually in giga format and I imported it into kontakt 2, if I remember correctly. In any case, I am considering upgrading to the current version ( I really need that second cello and my old KH cello articulations don't blend particularly well with my Dan Dean solo strings cello).

    I can't find any solo string demos on the Kirk Hunter web site and I'm wondering if anyone knows of an mp3 or wav file demo posted anywhere, where I can get a good sense of how the new library sounds (the standard, non-romantic violin and the cellos, especially.) Thanks.

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    Re: Demo of KH Solo Strings, anyone?

    His site is a little hard to navigate, but I did find the solo strings demos:


    Hope this helps.


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