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Topic: What are the samples for?

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    What are the samples for?

    Hey Everyone,

    What do you guys use these samples for?
    Is your sample use just a hobby?
    Is it your main job?
    Do you guys write samples?
    Why do you do it?
    I just use acid samples to make techno music, and so I am only exposed to a small portion of the sample world.

    Please enlighten me!


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    Re: What are the samples for?

    A lot of people use samples for demo-ing their work before having it actually performed in orchestral works. I use samples for several reasons: I\'m able to have my work performed, but our college orchestras\' instrumentation is usually not enough for many orchestrations that I create. Also, it\'s a very useful tool when composing, and when you have the right samples and enough, \"instinctive,\" knowledge, this passion can become extremely addictive. It\'s good for composers to know how to create realistic works with a, \"virtual,\" orchestra, so that you\'re not limited to projects that cannot call for orchestral ensembles for hire. I believe that sampling is still in the infant stage, and I can\'t wait till SOMMMMEEE developer will create libraries that are absolutely, \"indistinguishable,\" from the real thing. (Brass comes to mind, Thomas is by far the most realistic I\'ve heard) But of course, sampled orchestras will never be able to live up to real performances, obviously, because there is a special magic in real performances. One player can play the same line of solo a hundred different ways, depending on the emotion they\'re feeling.

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    Re: What are the samples for?

    So how do you \"create\" when the solo and instrumentals are already recorded? Do you take the samples you have and arrange them into a vision? When you compose and you come up with a saxaphone line, how do you find a sample to fit that line?


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    Re: What are the samples for?

    A_Sapp is right. Most of the guys on this forum is composing orchestral music. I\'ve done a little bit of trance/dance/bigbeat/r&b/pop/rock/drum&bass etc. but mostly my work revolves around the sound of an orchestra.

    There\'s a difference between the two of us. You use premade loops. You are arranging music, whereas we would be composing it. If you want to start composing your own music you need to buy a synth and a sampler (Preferably gigastudio of course

    To take your example, if I\'ve composed a saxophone line and want it in my sequencer, I just load up a saxophone multi-sample (consisting of each note on a saxophone, sampled and assigned to the correct key on my synth/midi controller) and then I record it in to my sequencer.


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