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Topic: uninstall/install again?

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    uninstall/install again?

    Hey there, I was here a couple of months back, seriously confused about getting GPO up and running. I see I got some really nice and helpful responses.. I was quite drowned in work though, and haven't had the time to try to get it to work again until now.. And that causes some new trouble because I'm not quite sure where I got to in the process of installing and registering things. I see you're given a month with the gpo libraries for instance. I'm not even sure I got to setting those up - is it a different process from the kontakt2player? If I put the cd in, and click on those "library 1" etc., I just get that message that says these can't be opened because we don't know what created the files. I can't find the libraries in my list of programs either, but maybe they aren't programs. I'm only realising this now.. I guess it's not a good idea to use one tiny break from work to by some gear, and then wait too long until the next tiny break to try to get it to work..

    Have I scr*wed myself over, or can I uninstall everything and try again?

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    Re: uninstall/install again?

    The month is the time the program will work in demo mode - you can still register after that period.

    If you got all the way through installing, you should find a shortcut to the GPO (it might be called Kontakt Player 2) in your programs menu (if you used the default install it might be in a submenu called Native Instruments). If you try opening it, it will say that your demo period is now over, and prompt you to run the Native Instruments Service Centre, which will then guide you through registering the program.

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    Re: uninstall/install again?

    Hello Huey,

    First, the straight answer to your question is yes, you most certainly can uninstall everything and reinstall. I've done this a few times myself with no problems whatsoever.

    It would be helpful if we had more information. Are you using GPO through a sequencer such as Sonar or Cubase or through a notation editor such as Finale or Sibelius or as a standalone?

    Between us I'm sure we'll get you up and running although I would suggest that you do give yourself the time and space to walk through comfortably an uninstall (if necessary) and reinstall.
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    Re: uninstall/install again?

    Phew(!).. Thank you so much for your responses guys.

    I am planning to run the GPO through Sonar, mixing with rea audio - I hadn't got to the point of figuring out how to do that though. I think it's as simple as me not having understood the full function of the Service Centre. I guess I thought that was, well, something other than what it seems to be. I do have those two menus in my programs list, so I'll go follow instructions promptly shall I? =)

    It's a relief to hear the uninstall/install-thing will work too, if I did something wrong back when I tried the first time. I'll try out both of you guys' great advice right now, and return if I get stuck again.

    Thank you.

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