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Topic: The New Year

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    The New Year

    In a few hours it will be 2009. For many this past year has been one trail after another and mine was no different. 2008 was a very trying year for my wife and I but we've found the way to overcome most of the trials. It was always in front of us. I thought it was my music that made me happy or just music as a whole. I looked for gratification in material items and other means. Without getting too personal (not like the personal orchestra) there was so much my wife and I had missed yet have now learned to enjoy with each other each day.
    Today is our tenth year anniversary. It's snowing very hard just as the day we wed did ten years ago. The only difference is I'm on vacation where as I had to work half the day of new years eve then struggle getting home in a snow storm.
    I'm looking forward to another ten, twenty, thirty or more years together. I just hope she can handle my corny jokes that long.

    Happy New Year everyone! Please be safe, be wise, be good and continue to write your music!


    Walter Whimsical Wishbone Woodbine Jr III

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    Re: The New Year

    And a Happy Happy right back at you, Styxx.

    I am so grateful for the many friendships I've found here on this forum.

    Looking forward to a better and more prosperous 2009 for everyone here.

    Only one NY Resolution for me this year: to learn how to use Finale effectively.

    Keep the music sounding, everyone.

    We still need a piano emoticon!
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: The New Year

    It has already been 2009 here for 10 and a half hours as I write this, so I can speak with some authority on the topic.

    2009 will have to be a better year, simply because 2008 opened our eyes to what happens when we focus on the wrong things.

    Keep those corny jokes rolling Styxx!

    And happy new year.

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    Re: The New Year

    Well it just turned 2009 here, so I can wish everyone a happy new year at last.

    Did you know they added a second to 2008 to realign time with the earth's orbit? Can't say I noticed it!

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    Re: The New Year

    Quote Originally Posted by Pingu View Post
    Well it just turned 2009 here, so I can wish everyone a happy new year at last.

    Did you know they added a second to 2008 to realign time with the earth's orbit? Can't say I noticed it!
    Well, almost 8 hours to wait, here in California Soggy Redwoods.

    I hope you all have a year as good as 2008 was for me.


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    Re: The New Year

    Happy new year yo everyone!!!!!!! Hope this 2009 will bring a lot of hope and surprises to everyone!


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    Re: The New Year

    I was just going to have a little grumble about 2008, but I don't feel I have a right to complain after other peoples' stories of hard times.

    On a personal level, the new year is most welcome for me. It's the turning of a page in my life story - a blank page, on which I can write whatever I want.

    But on a global level, I'm afraid I find myself far more pesimistic. There was fighting in the Middle East yesterday, and there's fighting in the Middle East today. Thousands of people were losing their jobs in 2008, and thousands more will do so this year. Does a new year really mean anything on the international scale?

    I don't want to bring the mood down, though, so back to a personal note. I've made a few resolutions. I never have enough hours in the day, so I'm going to make more. Taking a leaf out of my Grandad's book, I'll get up earlier instead of laying in until ten, by which time, half the day is gone when I've finally got ready. I'm going to devote myself to the things that matter to me. I've ordered Sibelius 5, which should arrive in a few days, so when shool allows, I'll get on with the orchestration course we have here in the forums. I'm also going to get back to some writing; I'm fascinated by theatre, and feel like having a go at some short plays. I'll be 17 this year, meaning my childhood's almost gone, yet what have I really got to show for it? This year, I'm going to have fun.

    And on that note, I wish you all a very fun new year!

    Best wishes,

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