So I got the Bardstown Audio Imperial Grand

I haven\'t had much time to fool around with it, but I\'d like to point out some of my views on issues that had been discussed.

The distortion. There is no actual clipping that I can detect in the samples. There are some samples/notes that have a \"harder\" sound. This was an issue I brought up to Kip (whos actually a really nice guy), and he told me it was heavier hammer felts and they were addressed in the recent ART update. And they were So new demos are probably in order Its a real subtle difference, but it really helps even out the piano (tho sometimes I actually like those harder samples)

The sound. Yep, the sound is not very \"soft\" out of the box. I got to play some little licks here and there that I really dug on the piano. It has a very \"jazzy\" character in my opinion, and \"wants\" me to play chromatic licks and gliss/ghost notes. Too bad I suck at playing piano

I dont have many pianos to compare with, just GigaPiano and some Roland stuff. As well i\'ve heard the EW steinway, but never really sat with it. I dont really like comparing, just because I feel that, with any instrument, each one has its own character and use. However I have to say that this one \"sits\" nicely. Its not overbearing. GP tends to swallow up ALL space, and even when I collapse the stereo field it doesn\'t sound as good as this one does as is. It takes to reverb pretty well too.

The new Art File is something I really dig. I was, at first, bummed about the softer dynamics of this library. It was just a bit too bright for me. The new art file helps this out alot. In fact I\'m quite happy with the new filters The piano has a nice soft touch now.

Anyhow, I\'m not a \"piano guy\" so I\'m not sure what people are going to think of this library in its \"tone\", I can say that I like the way it \"sits\" and I like the way it plays. When I get some time to use it in a \"real\" composition I\'ll really get to test it out.

Really...I am an Idiot