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Topic: Odd file saving behavior with Kontakt2 player standalone

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    Odd file saving behavior with Kontakt2 player standalone

    I just bought GPO Personal Orchestra 3.0 which came with Kontakt2 player version I am driving Kontakt2 from Finale PrintMusic via MidiYoke. I mention this just for completeness, but the problems I am seeing happen even when using the Kontakt2 player standalone.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems:

    - I am getting very erratic behavior when loading and saving instruments in Kontakt2. For example, if I start the program, load any GPO instrument, make a very minor change such as simply adjusting the volume, and then "Save Multi", and when it asks "test.nkm already exists. Replace it?" if I choose yes, all seems fine. Then, if I do nothing else, but quit Kontakt2, it warns, "Really quit? Changes will be lost!" Odd - I just saved! Then if I restart Kontakt2 and load "test.nkm", often my changes really aren't there. I can reproduce this behavior with starting a brand new nkm file with just one instrument. There are many variations of this problem, but I wont go into them if this is something common.

    - When starting Kontakt2 player, sometimes but not always - almost randomly, I get the message "Warning! Locking memory does not seem to work properly...Make sure you are logged in as administrator." I do not know if this is related to the problems of losing my changes above or not.

    - Is there a more technical manual on Kontakt2 player itself - that is, besides the combined GPO/Kontakt2 PDF that comes with Garritan in the Documentation directory? ("Personal Orchestra Manual.pdf")

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    Re: Odd file saving behavior with Kontakt2 player standalone

    1) Forget the "Really quit? Changes will be lost!" warning. It doesn't mean anything sensible. It's been with us since Kontakt 2.0 and nobody ever understood it. As far as saved changes being lost is concerned, I cannot reproduce this one. Are you absolutely sure you really did save those changes and that you loaded the right file again?

    2) The "Warning! Locking memory does not seem to work properly...Make sure you are logged in as administrator." warning seems to be related to Kontakt's RAM management. I get it when I have more than one instance of the Kontakt 2 engine (K2/KP2 - VST/standalone) loaded at the same time (you may get it if you close KP2 and start a new KP2 instance before the old instance has actually been terminated by the OS). That too doesn't seem to have much relevance in most cases. It is my guess, that it is a warning, that with multiple engines (each having its own 2/3 GB address space) loaded, you are able to load more samples, than can actually be held in RAM (on a 32 bit OS this is < 4GB), whereby paging might occur. Paging will inevitably lead to audio fallouts. But, as I said, this is just a guess.

    3) No, not unless you own Kontakt 2. Kontakt Player 2 is built upon the Kontakt 2 engine and thus derives all its features from Kontakt 2.

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    Re: Odd file saving behavior with Kontakt2 player standalone

    Nickie, thank you for your thorough reply!

    1. You are absolutely right. I am not loading and saving the same file after all! The cause of my doing this is because the Kontakt2 player does very strange things with the directory paths it uses. Try this:

    Start Kontak2. Open any GPO instrument. "Save multi". When the Save dialogue box pops up, change directory to "Multis". Save as "test1.nkm" Quit program. Restart. Open the load dialogue box. It does not open to the "Multis" directory, and instead opens to "User Patches" (one level up). So you need to change directory to "Multis" in order to see "test1.nkm". Open test1. Make any tiny change to the instrument. Select "save multi". The directory changes back to "User Patches" without warning! So if you did not notice this and press save, now you have two copies of test1 - an old and a new! Kontakt2 does not seem to remember the directory path properly. Or am I not supposed to be changing the directory at all in the "load" and "save multi" dialogue boxes? And just always leave it as "User Patches" directory?

    Another problem with Kontakt2 is that if I try to completely change the directories where things are saved to, say, "My Documents/My Kontakt files", and save a nkm file there, then immediately try to "load" it back, Kontakt2 switches back to the "UserPatches" directory in the "c:\program files\native instruments\..." etc directory! It forgets the "working directory".

    Okay, I wont worry about the "Really Quit?" warning. Thanks!

    I sure wish there were a manual. I'd like to know if Kontakt2 player can take command line arguments (so I can start it from a script file.)

    Thanks again!
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    Re: Odd file saving behavior with Kontakt2 player standalone

    KP2 has a standard Library directory which is "~\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\UserPatches\". If you set this path in Options | Load | Library Path, the "Load ..." dialog will open in either the "Instruments" or the "Multis" subfolder of "UserPatches". The same will the two Libraries menus "User Instruments" and "User Multis". And, you are right, the Save commands always default to "UserPatches".

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