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Topic: problems to open sam rar files

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    problems to open sam rar files

    i\'m a nerd!!!!
    for the first rar file ,no problem.
    i need to mix to have all the samples in one gig or each file is a diferent gig sample sound.
    sorry about my ridicolous english and question
    but i never had problems with rar files before.
    thanx for any help
    btw the first one is working. sounds amazing maarten.
    thanx to share with us.
    i really apreciate that
    you know how to make music ,business and friends for sure.

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    Re: problems to open sam rar files

    Hi Riccardo
    It\'s only one Gig file - when you extract
    the .rar - WinRar or any other extraction
    program will automatically find the other
    r00 and r01 files and extract all to one
    big file.


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    Re: problems to open sam rar files

    thanx for your help.
    but what means:
    sam.rar 48mb
    sam.r00 48mb
    sam.r01 12mb
    the problem is:
    i droped the whole thing at same time and the same thing happens in winrar,winace,stuffit etc... a message like \"you need the volume\".....unnable to extract sam.r00 and sam.r01\"is happen.just to remember the whole thing at same time.
    separating the files ,the thing is getting worse for files sam.r00 and sam.r01.only the sam.rar works like i said before.
    so what\'s going on for God sacks!!!

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    Re: problems to open sam rar files

    hi again
    Check the size of your extracted gig file - if its 126 Mb everything is allright.

    The 48 Mb, 48 Mb and 12 Mb is the compressed
    size of the 3 parts .rar, .r00 and .r01.

    I you\'re using Winrar - just mark the .rar
    file and it will extract the whole thing.


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