Hello all,

Can anyone recommend a rack enclosure around 8U that can hold a 19" deep rackmount pc case fully between it's front & rear rails? I'm replacing my laptop-based live daw with a rackmount pc daw, but all the enclosures I see are built for 15" deep equipment, 18" deep at best. I know rackmount pc daws are very popular with users on this forum, so there must be a mass produced solution I'm not seeing. I'm really hoping to avoid having something custom built ($$$).

Secondly, I'm considering going 64-bit vista for the new daw (I know, lots of potential issues). I see that Kontakt 3.5 will be fully 64-bit. I'm not too familar with Kontakt - I just use player 2.0 that came with Garritan's Strad & Cello (which I cannot live without). So, does anyone know if there will be a Kontakt 3.5 Player version? If so, will it likely work with Garritan strad & cello - or is it a whole different incompatible beast?


-Eric Hart