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Topic: JABB Logic Studio + CC

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    Angry JABB Logic Studio + CC

    Hello, I'm hoping someone out there can help me...please!

    I have JABB and I'm able to play the instruments via Logic Studio Pro, but I don't know how to use and manipulate the effects, and I've no idea how I can use the continuous controller (cc), i just don't know where it is. Has someone else been able to use the effects with Logic Studio.

    One particular effect I'm after can be heard within the first five seconds of the following demo found on the garritan website, the fall and rise of the trumpet, the link is below.


    Hope to hear from someone soon.



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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    If you havent been on the forum before, welcome.

    I think you are trying to get the trumpet fall-off effect. This is shown in the manual on page 25. You need to set some form of controller to sent a value between 33 and 48 on CC15.

    The CC stands for Control Change and there are 127 different CC's in MIDI (in theory at least). If you are using a keyboard the mod wheel sends instructions on CC1

    JABB uses CC1 to alter the dynamics.

    Usually you can change the CC type somewhere on the keyboard.

    If you arent using a keyboard, you should be able to add the CC effect to the midi tracks you are using, possibly using the piano roll editor (I dont use Logic but most sequencers are sort of similar)

    You then send to value between 33 and 48 before the note ends and the fall off plays when the note finishes and so do all the following notes until you send a value of 0.

    Adding CC values to a midi track must be in your Logic manual, its part of Midi not part of JABB. You'll also need CC64 to operate the legato effect.

    Optional extras include CC's 19,20,17,12,13,18,21,22,23,26 & 27 just to tweak things a little more. And thats only the trumpets
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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    Hello Derek,

    Many thanks for responding, it was my first post on the forum, so it's good to know that there are people out there who can help! Thanks again.

    You've certainly clarified a couple of things for me, but I'm still stuck as to how I can locate the CC on Logic Pro and change them (my keyboard is a basic MIDI keyboard so I can't use that).

    Do you know if there is anyone else who might be able to show me a step by step in Logic Pro? Page 25 of the manual doesn't really help me....



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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    There are lots of people on this forum who will help. I have no exact knowledge of Logic myself, but hang on and someone will reply. You need to wait until they wake up over the pond. Try again tomoroow
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    I am not a mac or Logic Pro user but I took a minute to check out apples tutorial on Logic Pro and I think it will answer some of your questions. Pay particular attention to the video tutorial at about half way into the the video. It gives a graphic demonstration on how to draw in CC material. It happens fast but you should get the idea.

    Here is the link to the video tutorial on midi editing: http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/tut...o-editingmidi:

    Click Here

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    Thanks again, I was hoping that that would be the answer, but alas not.....

    I also found a midi file on the forum (Called release fx) which I imported into Logic which had the release effects on it, and then used the Controller List to try and delete/duplicate the effect, but I couldn't do it.......

    Anyone else know?


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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    Hello, whoopassgrinchy

    Your post inspired me to go Google up some info on Logic Studio that you're using.

    As I thought, it's the same as all MIDI/Audio production programs. One of the MIDI tools is "Piano Roll View." This is standard, and THE heart of MIDI production.

    Find the Piano Roll View in your Logic. To get to itthere has to be a tab for the various views where it will be listed. Use the Help file to guide you through it.

    Basically this Piano Roll View will display your notes as horizontally placed events, and then either below that or superimposed on the notes will be the data for any kind of MIDI controller that exists. Via a menu, you ask for the controller you specifically want to work with, and with your mouse you can draw in the values you want, getting totally tight, specific control.

    Because of the power of the Piano Roll View which exists in all sequencer programs, there are many musicians who produce great projects without using a keyboard at all.

    In other words--You gotta poke around more in your Help manual and the program itself. Everything you're asking about in this thread you'll find the answers to by exploring the Piano Roll View.

    ---Note: But you Do have a keyboard, you described it as "a basic MIDI keyboard." If it really is that, you Are able to record MIDI controller data with it. If it can't do that, then it's not a MIDI keyboard.

    Randy B.

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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    Hi, I just wanted to mention the great resources available to members by checking out what's available at Garritan.com. There are some great step by step tutorials for many of the different sequencing programs and notation programs for both PC and Mac.
    Here is a link to using GPO in Logic 7, which if you read in JABB instead of GPO should be of some help. Good luck, John


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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC

    I Don't have JABB (unfortunately), but I do have GPO and Logic Pro (studio).

    Here are some screenshots to help.

    In order to load in AU instrument, you have to select the button underneath the I/O

    Then you can record your track.

    Now, to go back and edit what you have done, you need to select the piano roll button at the bottom (1) and then select "view" (2) and then select "Hyperdraw" in that menu (3).

    Then you need to choose which CC you want to view (and edit) In this case, I chose Modulation (which controls volume in GPO (and JABB)

    You may also access which CC you want to view/edit by the little button to the left of the piano roll data.

    That is how you can access the CC data after you have recorded. You can also "Draw" in that data with the pencil tool in case you don't want to record it using your cc controllers on your midi instrument.

    Hope this helps you and GOOD LUCK!

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    Re: JABB Logic Studio + CC


    You're an absolute star. Thank you very very much and thanks for everyone's help. This is a good forum!



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