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Topic: Snorlax Meets Raweber!

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    Snorlax Meets Raweber!

    Just wanted to report another very pleasant forum "live encounter."

    Raweber lives not too far from my in-laws in Peoria.

    I let him know that we'd be visiting this week, so we arranged to have
    lunch at a local eatery.

    Just finished a 90-minute chat about topics musical and non-musical...Rob is a great musician, as well as a real smart guy & great family man.

    It was a pleasure to sit & talk to him!! Do I have pictures? Of course not; my son commandeered the camera--put my hand in the coat pocket & came up cameraless...oh, well...

    In any event, another excellent encounter with a forum member!!

    I hope to meet a few more at NAMM...especially Schneb!!

    "Ambassador" Snorlax
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Snorlax Meets Raweber!

    Thanks, Jim, you're very kind. It was wonderful meeting you, and I'm sorry my schedule ran me off when I had to go.

    Thanks also for the generous offer to review my brass arrangements. Just another example of why this is the greated collection of folks on the whole interweb.

    Maybe someday I can meet some more of you all - bigears, I believe you're close... How about a MidWest get together of the Garritan users group?

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    Re: Snorlax Meets Raweber!

    What a great post. Meeting Of The Minds - However brief the get-together was, it's super to think of you two guys having the chance to meet.

    Us Forum members really do exist beyond what we see of each other through our posts here.

    It was a very special boost to the opening night of "Dorian" in 2008 when I had the pleasure of meeting Forum member "
    " Phil
    , and our fearless leader himself, Gary, accompanied by his wonderful wife, Marianne.

    A dream concept for 2009 - for there to be a Garritan Forum Convention in some centrally located area where as many of us as possible could gather and tip some glasses of cheer together.

    In anticipation of such a party, a toast: To camaraderie!

    Thanks for letting us know about this!


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