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Topic: Hannes_F and other string players - help!!!

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    Hannes_F and other string players - help!!!

    please tell what is realistic using tremolo's. There are some standard divisions in any notation program. For example, Overture, sets with two strokes (beams) the division to 2 (=1/16 note length) and with three of course it is 1/32 in length. With a moderate tempo I think it can be done, but when you raise the tempi there is a point where it merely sounds artificial and like some modern high-speed machinegun. In other words, the player must have some muscle problem to get it done (not to say: Parkinson at a very high speed).

    What are the considerations in real life for this? I myself tried to move my lower arm/wrist and elbow mechanism fast enough but at certain tempi it is impossible, and then I don't have a bow in my hand and the instrument in front of me.

    In my orchestration books nothing is there to help me, so I must fall back to orchestral practice. Can you enlighten me? In the piece at hand those tremoli aren't just those smooth and gentle ones, but a bit more aggressive (using D1 and the AG-type of the string instrument).

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    Re: Hannes_F and other string players - help!!!

    Don't answer. I found out myself what can be done and how to notate different ways to play the tremolo (measured/umeasured/fingered....).

    Both Berlioz and C.Franck have a lot of them in their scores.


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