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Topic: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

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    Thumbs up "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    My lady Kate asked me to post something for her on our Forum. She composed a wonderful letter this morning and sent it to family and friends. She wants them all to see the new video demo of "Dorian" which I put up on You Tube just yesterday. - I'll let her words speak.

    Her email subject line is "It Takes a Village."

    To My Family, Friends and Colleagues:

    Happy 2009! May it be the best year ever for all of us!

    I am starting this year with a fun art-related project that I hope will connect with the whole world.

    My partner, Randy Bowser, made this YouTube trailer to promote his musical, "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray". I am sending this out to request your help to harness the power of the Internet for this purpose, one person at a time.

    Please take a look, and forward this to everyone in your address book who might be interested in promoting a dedicated and talented artist in the Internet's fast and easy manner.

    We are our brother's keeper, and all artists need our help and support. It would be great fun for this to go around the world from its starting point in Salem, Oregon, USA, and beam the positive energy of this production everywhere it is sent and received.

    The trailer is high energy, fun and interesting, and takes about two minutes to watch.

    It will open to a YouTube page by pressing :DORIAN.

    Please do this first so we can keep track of how many people view the trailer.

    You can also view a more high quality version up now at Randy's homepage by clicking : Dorian Website

    Please feel free to address any comments or recommendations to me or directly to Randy at this address: dorian.the.musical@gmail.com

    Thanks to everyone who is moved to help with this. Let's just see what this village can accomplish.

    Kate Daly"

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    Very nice work, Randy. I'd like to put in a request for a video of "I Heard the Laughter."

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    Randy, I have checked out the trailer, been to a birthday party, taken a walk with you through Gorky Park, and seen a couple of rehearsals for the production. All very interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing these and please keep us updated. I'm envious of this adventure. Best of luck, John

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    Hello, John - Superb!--thanks for letting me know you've been watching the Russian vids. Cracks me up that my adventure of shopping for a big fur hat is the vid with the highest number of hits!

    On the newspaper blog I also have quite a few text entries, with enough photos, links and citations about "Dorian" throughout the last hundred years to keep readers busy for a long time. It's great fun to keep the blog up while my Russian friends keep working on their version of my show in Moscow.

    And, Rob!--Thanks for the reply, and you've managed to read my mind - What I'll be doing is posting vids of individual songs from the show, and that quirky waltz, "I Heard The Laughter" is on the to-post list. Interesting how often people tell me they especially enjoy that scene/song. In Russia, the ladies who auditioned for me had all learned "Laughter" and told me they loved singing it. They all sang it so well and so enthusiastically, I wanted to cast them all in the role of Sibyl.

    As the next several weeks progress, I'll be posting more vid clips at You Tube. Tune into my channel there and you'll be able to follow the progress.

    Thanks again guys!


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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)


    I don't know if you remember or not, but I am not into vocals. Yet on my desktop I have the video of We can step into Forever and watch it from time to time and am amazed every time. I honestly believe that your play will be made into a Movie, perhaps even before you expect it.

    I also walked with you through Gorky Park and it reminded me of many of the cities of the world that I have walked thru. In fact for the last hour or so I have been looking at your various sites and touring thru some of the things I have missed in the past.

    You are an unique individual and I wish you further success in all of your endeavors.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    i just watched the trailer. Great job on it.

    So when is it coming to the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor?
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    That's excellent, Brother Bowser! I will be humming "We Can Step..." for days.

    What a truly talented person you are! I'm proud of you.

    My Best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    Howdy, Ron - I do indeed remember that vocals aren't your thing, so it's really something to hear that you have the "Step Into Forever" vid there on your desktop for easy access. wow--SUper to hear about that. And thanks for letting me know you've been taking a gander at the other vids and stuff I have up! It's fun to keep up the blogging and vid posting, so it's always encouraging to know that some people are actually taking a look.

    Keith! YEeeeah, now you're talking. I'd love for "Dorian" to be produced in Ann Arbor. Who knows? Maybe we can start having some talks with them about that idea in 2009. Thanks for letting me know you'd like that to happen!

    Mr. Larry, you honor me with your reply. Bows to you, Mr. Music--thank you very much.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    Nice!! Very nice trailer! I like how it ends with "I want more!" My thoughts exactly!

    Enjoying your other YouTube videos now... hope you don't mind me subscribing. Russia sure looks like an adventure!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: "Dorian" video trailer (message from my Kate)

    Sean! So glad you caught the trailer, and that you enjoyed it!

    Get this - yours is the first subscription I've gotten at You Tube. The whole You Tube thing is pretty new to me. I set the account up so I'd have a video host for the blog about Russia that I'm maintaining through our local paper. So up until recently, I've just done the minimum at the YT site, thinking of it as just a repository for the vids.

    But now I'm getting more into the whole vid scene there, looking at more people's things, starting to communicate with other users etc--It's really fun stuff!

    I got an auto-mail from YT yesterday which said "Wizard Walk has subscribed to your channel!" That was a cool message to get - Now I see, YOu're "Wizard walk" eh? Well now, I'll have to go see what vids you have up.

    Nice! Thank you, Sean!

    Randy B.

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