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Topic: DP and Omni patch save issue

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    DP and Omni patch save issue

    Hey Eric,
    Don't know if anyone else has brought this up yet, but if you try to save a patch preset in DP and bring it back, all the solo and mute buttons are "clicked on", the volume faders all come back at zero and in multi patch, it comes back with Stack mode turned on.

    My work around has been to save multi's as user inside of Omni, which works fine.

    By the way, others have been reporting the same issue in Unicornation fourm.

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    Re: DP and Omni patch save issue

    Thanks. The best way to save the entire state of an instance of Omnisphere however, is to save it as a multi. That way you can categorize it, attach searchable tags to it, and load it via the multi browser.

    - Glenn

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