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Topic: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

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    KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    Hi there. I have had to reinstall windows and hence all garritan products. I have GPO, JABB, Stradivari and Gofriller. Kontakt 2 sees the latter 2 but not the former 2. Can anyone help?

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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    They are probably in the wrong directory. You might need to move the files.

    I think I remember there being a change when the updates took place last.
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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    In Kontakt 2 you simply browse to the GPO/JABB directories with the File browser. Or you can rebuild the Database and use the Quickloads/Favourite views.

    If you are referring to Kontakt Player 2, make sure Instruments and Multis are subfolders of the folder, that holds the 3 GPO_Library_part*.nks files.

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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    I tried to reinstall within default directories in the C drive (although I am trying to install all libraries to the D drive) but still no recognition. Is there any documentation on default directories for this new update?

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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    If my memory serves me, you should be able to opt to install the software onto your C drive, and the samples onto whatever drive you choose, with them on separate drives being the preferred method.
    If I understand your post correctly, Kontakt 2 isn't showing your GPO and JABB libraries. When you look under the "files" or the "database" tabs, you don't find them listed? If that is the case, and you have tried installing them on each of your drives, have you tried the "rebuild database" found just under and to the left on the "database" tab? It is time consuming, but Kontakt will scan all the formats and locations that you select to find all programs, samples, instruments, etc. on your drives.
    Sorry if this is already understood or redundent. Best of luck, John

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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    Another thing springs to mind: did you activate the libraries in Service Center? You may not be able to see them before you do this.

    And while we are at it: did you install the GPO KP2 & JABB KP2 updates? These updates are necessary, if you want to use GPO/JABB in Kontakt Player 2. In Kontakt 2 (which is a separate program, as you may know) however, GPO KP1 & JABB KP1 will be available once they are activated and you have run their respective standalone applications at least once.

    It would be helpful if you would be a bit more specific regarding GPO/JABB versions, OS and the Kontakt 2/Kontakt Player 2 version (no offence, but some people do mix them up and talk about Kontakt 2, while they really mean Kontakt Player 2; there is a real difference).

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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    Having similar trouble here. Installed the KP2 updates for JABB and GPO but both insisted on going to the C: drive.

    How do I shift them to another drive?

    Any Sonar project I load with the old Kontakt stuff now crashes because it can't find the samples even when I do point to them manually.

    I'm not finding these NI updates or authorisations remotely intuitive.

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    Re: KOntakt cannot find GPO or JABB

    Never mind. I pointed K2 at the correct drive where my old installation was.

    Has the K2 update actually updated the librariy sounds themselves?



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