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Topic: Do you know these italian musicians?

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    Do you know these italian musicians?

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    A bunch of popular italian musicians from our country:

    1) Giovanni Allevi
    2) Enrico Rava
    3) Stefano Bollani
    4) Nicola Piovani
    5) Laura Pausini
    6) Giorgia
    7) Dado Moroni
    8) Gigi D'Alessio
    9) Jovanotti
    10) Negramaro

    I've chosen their names with no particular criteria: among them there are jazzists, pop singers, film composers...

    How many of these names are known outside the italian borders?

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    Re: Do you know these italian musicians?

    I know three of them but my favorite singer is not there, Andrea Bocelli.
    Well, everybody knows him.

    I have spent some time living in Italy, my wife's family is from Chieti.

    My 2 passions in life are food and music.
    Both MUST be Italian
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