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Topic: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

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    Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Hi again,
    We’ve got another nice demo of the GRANDIOSO Steinway D library up on our demo page http://www.postaudiomedia.com/demo.html

    The piece is for piano & GOS from the movie “The Importance of Being Ernest”
    by Chris Nicolaides, Axiamusic.
    Here is the direct link: http://www.postmusicalinstruments.com/demo/EARNEST1b.mp3

    He re-created one of the cues from \'The Importance of Being Ernest\', the movie that he wrote part of the score to. It stars Rupert Everret, Judy Dench, Colin Firth, Reece Witherspoon.
    He actually prefers the sound of the Steinway D to the real Fazioli that was used in the score!!

    I hope you like this one as well.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO


    I think that your piano is truly marvellous but your strings are being played like a piano.... to my ears. They sound very synthetic and lifeless and would not persuade me to part with £600 for GOS. They need more MIDI applied dynamics IMHO. Some volume level dynamics and softened/ varied attacks would help enormously.
    I know it\'s not the strings that we\'re meant to be listening to but they can\'t be ignored and detract from the piano. I\'m reminded, not for the first time, that the quality of MIDI file detail is more important than fancy, expensive sounds!

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Michiel, very cool. The piano seems to be working very well in an orchestral setting! The tuning of your piano seems to be wrong though Buuuuut I\'m sure you\'ll fix that. Nice.

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    I would also like to ask Chris how you got involved in such a high-profile project? Are you just incredibly cool or incredibly lucky? Is this your first job on a motion picture? And how many composers were attached to it? And did you compose this theme? It\'s very nice!

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Michiel, that piano sounds fantastic!!! Nice job with the piano demo Chris . I don\'t like the strings though, they sound kinda synthy in the high register.
    Tuning problems? Simon you must have ears like a rabbit, they sound alright to me.

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Hi guys,

    Yes, sorry about the strings. I had about 3 hours to spare when a client cancelled, and thought this cue would be another good test for Michiel\'s piano. Obviously, not being a great pianist,(I seem to play the computer keyboard more than the piano keyboard these days. I\'m sure you all know that feeling!)it took a while to get a decent \'take\'.

    Anyway, I wanted to use the Grand detache patches, which sound close to the real recording, but they weren\'t long enough and I didn\'t have time to really tweak the legato strings. Sorry! So Damon, Simon etc, tell me which GOS strings you think would work best in this case and I\'ll try and fix them in the next week.

    To answer the question, was I lucky to be involved? Damn right I was lucky!! I met the main composer Charlie Mole about 4 years ago I think, shortly after he scored Othello for the same director. I ended up building his first PC (he was still on an Atari!). I also persuaded him to get Gigasampler when it came out! Anyway, I did a little arranging work on the following movie \'An Ideal Husband\' again starring Rupert Everett (BTW, I met him at a private screening last night. He\'s definitely living in another world!)

    Then in August last year Charlie called me to ask for some help on the new film. I chose a few scenes he\'d already scored 3 or 4 times, but which the director had rejected, and came up with 2 themes which both Charlie and the director liked. They each appear 4 times with different arrangements, total time about 6 minutes. I was very happy to get that much in the movie!
    So Simon, yes, I composed this theme.

    I\'ve written music for a few fairly successful BBC series in the past but of course we all want to write for the big screen don\'t we, so this was a big buzz for me! I hope it\'s not the last!!!

    Anyway, thanks for listening. BTW, the movie isn\'t released until May in the USA and around September in the UK, so I\'ve got a long wait for any royalties!

    Regards, Chris

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    The strings sound too low to me. But the piano is tuned right it seems. Dont know how the strings got tuned too low. Listen at 0:49.

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Hey Chris,

    I really like your piano writing.
    I think if you add the grand detaches on top you will get more expression (possibly the grand detaches may not be long enough in length though) and maybe add some controller expression at the beginning of the string lines so they don\'t just blurt out.
    Great melody!

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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Hi Damon,

    Yeah, I\'ll try layering the Grand Detaches on top like you suggest. Funny, I seem to remember giving you the same advice a while ago. Thanks for reminding me! What about the \'main\' string lines? Which patches work for you in this type of arrangement?

    Thank you also for compliment regarding my piano writing. I can\'t play the really complicated stuff so I guess I\'ve had to become OK at the simple stuff!!


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    Re: Another demo of PMI GRANDIOSO

    Hey Chris,

    For main string lines, I happen to be fond of the 2nd violin susVs. I think they have a bit more expression then the 1st violins. I personally like the grand detaches above all and can\'t wait to hear if the loops come out good.
    The thing I notice on the demo is that the attacks sound really abrupt to me. What strings did you use? The LEG ones or regular susVs?

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