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Topic: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

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    What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    This first week of the New Year is a good time to look back and reflect over the past year. With so much bad news, it's better to focus on the good things that happened.

    What went well for you? What did you accomplish that you are proud of? Did you complete an important music project? Have a premiere of your work? A personal goal achieved? Tell us about it.

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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    Despite the major economic problems here in Europe (and elsewhere), I paid the bills, made some music, did a few gigs and made friends virtual and in real life.

    If that's as good as it gets for this new year I'll be happy.

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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    1. Finished a CD project for a songwriter that took forever but we are very happy with it.

    2. Got a clean bill of health from cancer....second year I got this...going for 3. LOL

    3. After 40+ years started working on MY music.

    4. But the BEST thing I did in 2008 was buy GPO!!!!!!..........................

    ..................and it works great with Rock n Roll.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Oh let's see

    1. finally finished the music for a DVD project with Canadian photographer Dave Dandell.
    2. met a shload of awesome people from all over the world as a result of my Sibelius sound set project. Have had some great discussions and debates with these folks.
    3. quit lurking and joined the forum
    4. ended the year with more money than I started it with
    5. moved the coffee pot within arms reach of the computer chair


    Ding - Ding - Ding....WE HAVE A WINNER!
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    I finally finished recording the tracks for a CD of original prog rock music. Still waiting for another person to finish his vocals and some acoustic guitar. Then I can finally get the CD totally finished and for sale.

    I made it through my oldest son's first season of marching band. That was quite a bit of work with all the volunteering with working the pit crew and doing the website.


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    Cool Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    worked up the courage to install exactly 120 dvd updates multiple software companies did it in 3 days

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    Thumbs up Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen View Post
    1.) I healed 2 broken ribs, and then had my sister-in-law's 90 lb. yellow lab break a THIRD rib! The orthopedic doctor "released" me to start exercising again soon, thank God!

    2.) Completed 500 days of sobriety, and then relapsed after taking down a 1000 pound tree off our cabin roof and tearing up my leg.

    3.) Told my neighbor that "If you EVER touch my wife, I'll kill you!" (Seems to have worked --- haven't heard a peep from him since!). It was extremely surprising that the LAPD didn't take me away in handcuffs. Now, THAT'S a major accomplishment, talking my way out of getting arrested by telling the officers that my neighbor actually DID try to kill my wife! They said "Thanks for being honest, see ya later!"

    4.) Wrote some good classical music, and even started a rock album for the first time in 15 years after dragging my '63 Stratocaster out of the closet.

    5.) Survived a terrible brush fire with my wife and cats, luckily getting a hotel room that "only" charged us $200 for letting our cats into the room.

    BUT, if it sounds like I'm bitter about 2008, I'll have to admit it wasn't the best year for me, but that's life! I've always liked the balance between Lennon and McCartney:

    "I've got to admit it's getting better, a little better all the time!" (McCartney)

    "It can't get much worse!" (Lennon)

    Have A Great New Year, and great times in 2009!

    Best Regards,

    on No. 3
    thats what I always thought people respond to what they give out in other words eye for and eye, same thing happened here , I'm a little more hot headed so i deal with this kind of thing on the spot, I guess this year I'll have to be more diplomate (getting older you know)

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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    1) Sold enough music at the last convention to break even. It might not sound like much, but for a relatively new company in a very crowded market, we're pretty happy about that. We might even be profitable this year for the first time.
    2) Along those lines, we roughly tripled our annual sales from the previous year. Again, these are still small numbers, but we're encouraged by the potential. Our geographic distribution is much wider now, too - all across Texas, out to California, and even up to Canada.
    3) I placed a chart ("Strollin' With Sammy" - Middle School Jazz Band) with Alfred Publishing/Belwin Jazz that will be appearing in their materials this Spring/Summer.
    4) I started my own big band - Baker's Dozen - that plays once a month at the local jazz club, and we're getting strong reviews, especially from the players themselves which is rare indeed.
    5) I was asked to produce a demo tune for a new soprano sax library. I won't mention the company's name here since that would be bad manners, but you can read about it on the Northernsounds Sample Discussion Forum. If you go to the company's website, my tune is called "Funky Smooth"

    It was a good year, and 2009 looks to be even brighter, no matter what the papers say.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    "...it's better to focus on the good things that happened..." AMEN to that, Gary. In fact, I believe that if everyone in the world could (magically) be able to actually do that - >Poof!< the world's ills would instantly vanish. - says the aging flower child.

    For regular Forum members, it's no secret that for me personally, 2008 was a very rewarding year. I had my local community theatre produce my musical, "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray," and the show was signed up by legendary producer Michael Butler who masterminded the original "HAIR" on Broadway.

    Show Biz Craziness has been a big part of the year, with plans often changing drastically in the course of a week, possibilities coming and going and coming again at new angles. It's been almost too much at times, to be back in That world - the one I was closer to when I lived in L.A.

    Part of that Show Biz Craziness has been to shift the "Dorian" plan so that the first production under Michael's guidance is coming in Moscow, Russia, instead of L.A. What will happen next with the show, - who knows? I've helping to promote the show myself, as seen in the video trailer I posted recently.

    So it was a "Dorian" kind of year for me, and that show will continue to be a major force for me in 2009, but I'm also starting the year out with the birth of a new musical theatre idea, with the exciting prospect of me composing new music, stretching in new ways - more on that as it develops.

    I think I can speak for all of us here when I say we had our successes with music in 2008, large and small, public and private, and no matter what, we're richer for having been involved in our musical projects.

    I wish for everyone the gift we can keep giving to ourselves - to write more music in 2009!

    Randy B.

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    Re: What Are Your Major Accomplishments of 2008?

    Well, I passed the average life expectancy in better than good health.

    Clear of cancer for nearly 12 years after surgery for an assortment of tumors.

    Wrote lots of music.

    Had my first performance in years.

    Finished the year in better financial condition than the start of the year.


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