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Topic: Original Musical - Alpha Male

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    Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Hello! My name is Daniel and I've been songwriting off an on for about 10 years now. I've posted a few times in the past, and I'm finally getting back into songwriting again.

    I've been working on an original musical called Alpha Male and I've just begun putting up some demos of the music for feedback. All the songs are in fairly early stages, and they are only instrumental at this point.


    This music is contemporary style and so is quite different than some of the other pieces found on this board. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. I'd appreciate any comments or feedback.

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Hi, I listened to four of your pieces. Nice writing and catchy melodies on the ones I heard. The rendering sounds pretty synthy, but that may be what you want in this genre. Good work on these, and best of luck with your musical!

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. The renderings are pretty synthy right now, which is mostly due to my lack of ability of making more realistic sounding files.

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    You've got some good tunes here.

    If they sound good with lack luster rendering that's a good thing.

    You do need to work on getting up to speed with your sample instruments for the sake of a strong demo.


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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Yeah, it seems no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get much better at getting a realistic sound. It's especially difficult considered I'm kind of stuck with the samples I have at this point which vary in quality and some of the ones I have to use for more pop style music are in the freeware category (and for good reason ).

    Thanks so much for listening!

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Hi Daniel!

    I hear well crafted lyrical melodic lines; and very contemporary and syncopated rhythms. I think you have a very good start and a broad spectrum of material throughout the musical. I liked some of the sarcastic-"ish" type of humor.

    I would highly recommend talking with Randy Bowser.
    Here is his musical. LINK

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Thank you so much! I'll e-mail him right away!

    Everyone's comments have been so positive, it sure has been a pick me up. After working on this project for about a year and a half with no one to share it with it's great to have people listening and (more importantly) enjoying it!

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Hello, Daniel

    This is fun, meeting another Forum member in to musical theatre.

    And I had fun listening to the songs you're working on for "Alpha Male." You already have a lot of material, the whole show? The next big step should probably be fleshing out your arrangements.

    Very good of Michael to suggest that you email me. I have your message now, and this morning I'll reply in more detail directly to you. I have some ideas to pass on.

    Thanks for posting!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    I just wanted to clarify since Randy asked me that I did indeed use Garritan samples for all of the songs. The freeware samples I was referring to were for the pop instruments such as the electric guitar and drums, etc.

    Basically, if the instrument is in the song and it's found in the Garritan orchestra set (I unfortunately haven't had the money to buy the Big Band set yet) then I used it in the recording.

    Once again I'd like to thank everyone for the words of encouragement!

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    Re: Original Musical - Alpha Male

    Cool, Daniel, thanks for the clarification.Now go check your mail, I just spent a chunk of time answering your new email. Sent you some demos of what I'm talking about.

    Randy B.

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